Who prints Dinars?

One thing I’ve wondered about is – where did the Libyan banks in Benghazi get Dinars to fill their ATM machines?    Banks would have some paper money in their vaults, and some would circulate, but without the “printing press”, that won’t work for long, especially when people are in the middle of a civil war worried about survival


Banks in England don’t have vaults bulging with used Libyan Dinars.     This video shows pallets full of apparently brand new “money” being printed in England and sent by plane to Benghazi.

It turns out this company (located in England) prints the money for most of the world’s currencies


Being able to flood a country with authentic but unauthorized currency is a powerful weapon.

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  1. Piquerist says:

    Dinars with beans, bandages and bullets — seems like a full-course meal to me.

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