Anwar al-Awlaki is dead

He’s the guy who has been running around Yemen, organizing and inspiring attempts to attack the United States.

Two days ago, the Yemini military head’s  convoy was hit by a suicide bomber who blew up next to the vehicles (he wasn’t killed).

Perhaps that was motivation for the government of Yemen to start helping the CIA…

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  1. Piquerist says:

    I believe the son of bitch declared HIMSELF an enemy of the United States and he went on to prove it.

  2. Piquerist says:

    Anwar al-Awlaki was a blood-stained, vicious enemy in arms, actively, militarily fighting the United States, killing and plotting to kill our armed forces and indiscriminately our citizens on a global scale. He was killed in that capacity. Good. GOOD I SAY. Obama, a President whom I can barely stomach, did the right thing. And I encourage him to do it some more.

    • Art Stone says:

      Interestingly, Glenn Beck and I had common ground on this today. While he (and I) are glad this guy is dead, the fact that President Obama created a process where he just declares someone to “an enemy of the United States” and kills them without any due process lays down the precedent for doing the same to the TEA party.

      Not to mention that by killing him, we got no intelligence from him about another members of his group. On the other hand, since the DoJ is paralyzed about what “due process” is for terrorists, and they may later file suit against the United States and the people involved in their capture, it may well be the only real option for now.

      • TheChairman says:

        FWIW, I think that was precisely what the Obama regime wanted to establish… a precedent.

        It seems a lot of people have been duped into believing that wanting ‘terrorists’ dead is their patriotic duty.

        Take note, also, that the regime no longer refers to it as “the war on terror”. (It’s expanded to a war on our Bill of Rights.)

        As such, the Obama regime and media are now defining what constitutes a ‘terrorist’… right down to the phrase ‘lone wolf’.

        “It’s a wolf! Run for your lives!” Obama Regime

        Here is a brief list of terms now associated with ‘terrorist’:

        Lone wolf (i.e. any white male with a gun)
        Right wing Extremist (but not Left)
        Domestic or Homegrown
        Michigan Militia / militia member
        Fundamentalist Christians
        anti-government (U.S.)

  3. Piquerist says:

    He is dead. Good. I hope it hurt. A lot. I hope he saw it coming and had an opportunity to crap in that nightshirt he wore. I hope the “American” bed-wetters, hand-wringers, whiners, criers, self-loathers and the rest of that ilk step in shit and track it into their communes.

    • Art Stone says:

      Keep those thoughts in mind when President Obama some day signs the order to send in the military to burn down a TEA party compound to “save the children” by killing them.

      I posted a relatively benign comment on the WSJ web site shortly after this happened, and was “flamed” that who actually carried it out the attack was none of my damn business, and if I really loved America I would remember what the Founding Fathers gave us.

      That’s kind of odd, since the Declaration of Independence and the Federalist Papers are pretty clear that having a leader issuing edicts to kill people, confiscate property, house soldiers in people’s houses without their consent, etc… was why we needed this country. Judicial oversight, trial by jury and protection from capital punishment without due process are pretty fundamental to what America is. Like it or not, he was an American citizen, and as such that gives him rights guaranteed in the Constitution.

      I’m a “process person”. I don’t want the Muommar Quaffis of the world running things nor do I want these scumbags to be protected – but when you start taking shortcuts through the process and just start killing people based on the executive leader signing a piece of paper, it can quickly go from the case that nobody would argue against to becoming the the process that nobody wants. Don’t open that door.

      • TheChairman says:

        Obama’s scheme has just been reported by Reuters:

        Secret panel can put Americans on “kill list

        • Art Stone says:

          CBS news was also upset about it. That’s the kind of thing they would be upset about given their history of opposing the CIA murdering leaders of other countries and the like. I was a little surprised they didn’t give Obama a complete pass on it.

          The parents of the web guy who was killed with him sound like they are ready to make an issue of it.

          We have this odd contradiction now that it’s okay to drop bombs on people and blow them up into ant food, but we want to put people in jail for tickling the feet of terrorists because that’s torture.

  4. floridave says:

    … and already the ACLU is complaining that he did not get due process. As a US citizen, he should have been given due process in a court before execution.

    What is involved in revoking the citizenship of someone who commits treason? I remember a story from elementary school of a man who dared say, “GD this country” and wound up being passed from ship to ship and never allowed to set foot on the soil of this country again. This goes way beyond that.

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