WJJG-AM says goodbye

I’m having trouble finding it, but about a year ago, I wrote a blurb with a picture of the driveway of WJJG.    It’s one of the AM stations way past the time to close the doors – kept alive only because one dedicated guy runs the entire station himself.

Today was his final day on the air.   Starting Monday, WJJG will switch to carry mostly the TRN radio lineup.   The station is located in South Suburban Chicago.

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3 Responses to WJJG-AM says goodbye

  1. Parrott says:

    Killer. I wonder how many other stations have just one person running them?
    That’s something, its an end to era. ‘I heart radio ‘ will never have that dedication.

    • Art Stone says:

      This is really starting to annoy me. I clearly remember writing a blurb about this station – the guy apparently basically lived in the station and had no money to actually pay an engineer, but a few people did help him out. The station was down a very scary looking road, and there was a mean dog at the front door to discourage visitors from coming inside.

      I now can’t find any evidence of it. Perhaps in my moving things around, I lost it – ore maybe I deleted it without publishing it. I caught about he last half hour of his show as people were calling up to say goodbye.

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