World Series Game 7 tonight

Tonight is the end of Baseball Season, no matter what.

In only slightly related news, Connecticut is expecting snow tonight.

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4 Responses to World Series Game 7 tonight

  1. “No matter what?”

    Art, man of supreme confidence and certainty, please send me tonight’s winning Mega Millions number before 11 p.m. Eastern. I promise I’ll split the winnings with you!

  2. Art Stone says:

    You know, the “color commentary’ guy on ESPN is extremely annoying. We all know that you’re smarter than both the coaches and all the players, but for some reason you aren’t actually being paid to run a team.

    Shut up already.

  3. Piquerist says:

    Whew! Bessbool is finally over. Now we can get down to some futebool and besketbool — oh, and hocketbool. Drool drool.

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