Clear Channel player issues

I’ve gotten a smattering of reports of problems with Clear Channel’s iHeartRadio player to make me think there is a frequent issue with it.

One of the more experienced testers has noticed that if you have two Clear Channel players open at the same time, they have the ability to turn off each other’s streams.  So if you “multitask” and are testing multiple clear channel stations (they should have a green cc by the station call sign), then you may have problems unless you only do one at a time.

The player itself seems to sometimes launch the wrong station.    That may be my fault, but I’m not sure.   The iHeartRadio player is violating the “Keep it Simple” rule big time.

Also, the player seems to not always start the stream.   I suspect they are preparing to bring back those video pre stream advertisements.   Up at the top, there are a set of player controls in white, and further down the page (you may have to scroll to see it) there is a red Listen Now button.   They don’t always seem to be playing the same thing.    If the stream isn’t working, look for the red button and try that.

If all else fails and you really just wanted to listen, you always have the option of clicking on the Call Sign and going to the station’s own web site to find the stream.

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2 Responses to Clear Channel player issues

  1. Parrott says:

    Nah, its not you Art. Its clear channel ‘I heart Radio’ wouldn’t load even if you went to the radio station website and tried to launched it. It was down all day thursday and wednesday evening.
    WKKT link from SRG worked like a champ this morning. WPOC loaded to. It was them.
    sarcastic note coming –> Maybe they are getting ready for Obama-EAS takeover?
    all those capstar stations must use the same server.
    Have a good one.

    • Art Stone says:

      You are correct. Cumulus and Clear Channel both do their streaming in house… CBS used to partner with AOL, but they’ve gone separate ways recently.

      It’s a centralized server farm, but not all from one server. Both Clear Channel and Cumulus are building their organization based on a highly centralized management structure with minimal decision making or independent operations at the local level.

      At least at one time, Clear Channel was using akamai’s content distribution network for the streaming, but I try hard not to look behind the curtain at the wizard pulling all the levers to make the Magnificent Oz speak. They may be using StreamTheWorld now…. really no idea.

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