The Real Enemy

We’ve been beating around the bush if you want the US Military to use force to reshape the world.

Pakistan was the force behind 9/11, not Afghanistsn, Libya, Iraq or Iran (although they may have supported it to varying degrees). The Taliban are the Pakistani Intellugence Service (ISI). That’s why Osama Bin Laden was living in an ISI safe house.

The tensions with Pakistan have escalated in the past 2 days – following NATO attacks on the Pakistani border positions, this is where we stand: (source: WSJ)

“…Pakistan indefinitely shut down North Atlantic Treaty Organization supply lines through Pakistan and said it was reevaluating its military, intelligence and diplomatic links with the U.S. Authorities gave the U.S. two weeks to pull out of a Pakistani airbase that Washington has used in the past to launch drone strikes on Taliban militants, attacks which have become increasingly unpopular among Pakistani people.”

The enemy is clear. What can be do about it and the consequences are less clear.

What would China do?
What would Saudi Arabia, home of Islsm do?
Are we prepared to kill 20 million people?
Would India support us or condemn us?
Will the Nobel Committee revoke President Obama’s peace prize?
How will the Occupiers react to a military draft?
What happens if we lose?

Hey, the NBA lockout is over – good times ahead!

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  1. Piquerist says:

    A definition of “delusional” is “Someone who thinks Pakistan is, ever was, or intends ever to be friends of any Western nation, not properly mutated.” I think you have this one right. As to the salient questions raised, I offer this:

    – China: Too “inscrutable” to tell, but I’m betting they wouldn’t do nothing. Neither would the Russians.
    – Saudi Arabia: Would send bribes, build more golden automobiles and palaces, offer package deals on next Hajj.
    – US: Would not want to kill anyone, but damned-well be prepared to kill as many as it takes for survival, and if the time comes, do it. Of course, there is always capitulation. That would suit the left well. Peace in our time, and all that.
    – India: Would hold our coat, for now.
    – Nobelstinians: Would see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil … pasty-faced, effete, leftist surrender monkeys that they are.
    – Occupiers: Would discover that a draft means, work, discipline, bosses that actually kick asses, sacrifice, clean clothing and showers. The streets would run white with lice.
    – Lose?: We are losing. Stay tuna’d.

    The scoreboards are streaming, Dhimmis.

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