Starting Over, etc…

If you’ve been reading the blogs or paying much attention, you have noticed I’m paying less and less time and attention to talk radio.   There isn’t one host left who I think “I have to listen to this today or my day won’t be complete”.

Back on April 15th, I turned off the site with no warning on the date of the opening of the blockbuster movie hit “Atlas Shrugged – Part 1”.    I was prepared at that point to turn it off permanently.    Now that the service is running on a server in my house and isn’t draining my finances, I am content to let it run, but with significantly less time dedicated to maintaining it.

I’m going to add a new blog category for Online Gaming since it seems to be evoking some opinions and providing more satisfaction than talking about Glenn Beck’s opinions about Israel or Savage living out the fantasy that is his radio career – one day calling Christians ignorant fools and then next day wanting to be their spiritual leader reading from the Old Testament… etc…

I’m not actually that much of an online gamer, but we’ll see how it goes.   If you view this as distracting from the “Mission” of StreamingRadioGuide, then you don’t usderstand the mission.

I have a theory that John Galt is living inside one of the online games.


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  1. Parrott says:

    I see what you are saying Art. Sometimes Glenn sounds more like infomercial.
    I went all last week without the radio shows, but was off work, and away from computers(yeah). I listen to them in the background while at work. Sometimes I too become disillusioned with Beck and especially Medved.
    I think its “Big -O” and congress running us into the ground that is depressing us, and like you we’re looking for a escape, while we can still halfway enjoy life in this society. But that 15 trillion debt is looming large and it will not be denied much longer. Its a big drag, for ‘realist’ out here that recognize it.
    But at least Barney Frank is leaving, unfortunately not before destroying the banking system, like chris dodd, with their Golden parachutes. Bad still wins a lot of times.

    I used to play Yahoo Hearts and Spades a lot long time ago. That’s about the only online games I ever did.
    Trying to test more, Have a good one !

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