American Samoa’s big shift

Up until December 30, 2011, American Samoa’s time zone was GMT-11 hours (no DST).  The Islands are very close to the International Date line, the place where time changes by a day.

This was creating problems for American Samoa, as they are much more socially connected to Asia than to Mainland America.    So AS has officially moved into tomorrow, permanently losing a day in the process.   American Samoa will be at GMT+13 instead of GMT-11, making them in the first time zone to start a new day.

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  1. foyle says:

    I can’t find the link now, but there was an article in the London Telegraph in the past 24 hours about the change Samoa has made.

    Their shift from one side of the dateline to the other says as much about the decline of America as an economic power as it does about their cultural ties to the Kiwis and Aussies. Samoa had been on their previous time since July 4, 1892 when they aligned themselves a mere 3 hours behind Pacific time because their major trading partners were in California.

    In 2011 Samoa has closer economic ties to Australia and New Zealand and it will now be only 3 hours different from Sydney rather than 21 hours.

    Another shift that was made recently in Samoa was changing from the US style road rules (where we drive on the right) to driving on the left side.

    The sun may now be rising first in Samoa, but it is also (proverbially) setting on the USA.

    • Art Stone says:

      I gave up trying to deal with the radio station on Guam, which does stream (or at least did)… on top of the DST issue, they are so far behind our time, that syndicated programs are a mess. Some they carried live…. some they carried on a delayed basis, putting them a day behind the day they aired on the mainland.

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