A new voice on overnight radio starting Monday

Actually not a new voice, but a bigger one.   Back in 2009, CBS decided it could save money by putting Jon Grayson on its major market Flame Thrower AM talk radio stations (formerly part of Westinghouse) – KDKA in Pittsburgh, WCCO in Minneapolis / St Paul, KMOX in Saint Louis and WBZ in Boston – there was immediate pushback in Boston and CBS rehired a local person for overnights.   Jon does his Overnight America show from KMOX in Saint Louis – the show runs from 1-6 AM Eastern Time.

What is changing is that Jon Grayson is being picked up by Dial Global (the former Jones Radio and Westwood One) for syndication nationally – filling the hole left by the sudden departure of the Midnight Radio Network guys who now do Redeye Radio for Cumulus Media.

Despite Jon Grayson being on for so long, I know very little about him or what he talks about or  believes.   My sense is he is similar to Doug McIntyre – willing to talk about politics but not obsessed with the subject.   He has virtually no presence here in terms of listening by web site visitors – few peolple come here to randomly listen to radio stations, so they don’t know he exists outside of the 3 markets where he is heard.

Any new live overnight alternatives to the hegemony of Coast to Coast is a good thing – perhaps a few program directors will give a listen to the show.   A program director being able to “Listen In” on talent in other markets without being observed (instead of getting cherry picked examples of their program thrown at them over the transom) has always been one of the ways that I hoped this directory and internet streaming in general could be useful..

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  1. foyle says:

    I will definitely be looking for stations streaming (and/or broadcasting) Grayson since I listen to radio frequently in the ‘wee’ hours. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Art Stone says:

    Bonus points if you remember what a transom is and why people would throw stuff over the transom

    • foyle says:

      Transom: The beam or piece of wood over a door, often topped with a window or glass to allow light and/or air to enter.

      Writers once dropped their unsolicited manuscripts “over the transom” of editors or agents in attempt to draw notice to their work.

      Do I win the big prize?

      • Art Stone says:

        Partial credit only. I asked for memories, not looking it up in a dictionary.

        Why did doors need a transom a hundred years ago?

        • foyle says:

          Darn. I thought for sure I had won a weekend in Acapulco. 🙂

        • Did it promote air circulation?

        • prboylan says:

          No air conditioning. Transoms allowed heat to escape from the room while the door remained closed. Which also ventilated interior hallways if the exterior windows were open. All the classrooms in my first elementary school in Chattanooga had transoms with long rods to open them. It was fascinating mechanics for munchkin sized 6 year olds.

          • Art Stone says:

            Ding Ding Ding!

            The transom was designed so that it wasn’t big enough for a human to go through, so a room could have the opening to allow the air to circulate, but the room remained locked and secure.

            So an aspiring author could go into the office building and take their manuscript and throw it through the opening. Book publishers really hated that – unsolicited submissions have a nasty way of turning into lawsuits a few years down the road with a claim of “They stole me idea!” for a book subject that is obvious.

  3. Parrott says:

    Transcom,: BNSF main line(Former ATSF) from Chicago, or just outside Chicago to LA.
    Now I think completely Double tracked.
    LOL I knew you said transom, but I think you like trains, Art.

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