The Streaming Radio Guide Calendar

Welcome to the new Streaming Radio Guide Calendar.

This Calendar is designed to communicate changes in the Radio Business that affect this directory and people who use it.   Any registered user can submit an item, but before you do, please read how this works!

Items should have a reliable authoritative source, which does NOT include Wikipedia and radio industry gossip boards.   The information should relate to something that directly affects users of this web site.   Submitted items will not appear until approved, and you agree that Art Stone may change, delete, or ignore your submission.

Examples of appropriate things to add:

  • Station WXZZ-FM will flip from Country Music to ESPN on June 1st
  • Acme Radio Company has announced it will begin streaming using Bill’s Streaming Company beginning next month
  • Changes in online schedules – Acme Radio Company announced today that host Bill McMandelson no longer works for the station

Things that are not appropriate and will likely be deleted:

  • Your opinion about the information – “WXQQ just fired Donny McShea and that sucks!”
  • Non-Public information – if you found out 5 minutes ago that someone that works at your station was fired, his wife may not know yet
  • Current events – “Media Matters has reported that it thinks Republicans are evil”
  • Streams that aren’t working – there is a method already to report that in a more appropriate place
  • Arguments about “wrong” station formats – if it’s really wrong (for instance County Music vs Spanish Talk) submit it and it’ll be corrected, but if it’s old news, it probably won’t appear
  • Streaming for “Radio” stations outside the scope of this directory – stations outside the United States, non-FCC licensed stations
  • Call Sign Changes – when the FCC approves it, call sign changes are automatically applied to the database
  • Personnel changes other than on-air talent – sorry to hear the PD was fired, but this isn’t a web site for industry gossip
  • Copyrighted material – please don’t copy/paste an entire article – only a one or two sentence summary and provide the URL of where to read the actual news story

As people “push the limits”, I’m guessing that list may grow 🙂

It’s like a newborn baby at the moment – don’t be upset if it vomits on you until it grows up a little, and don’t be surprised if things change from minute to minute in how it works .

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  1. Art Stone says:

    I’ve added in a snazzy (probably not necessary!) way to select the date you want. It is using an open source Yahoo widget being loaded from their server if you’re not comfortable with Yahoo. It uses javascript to do its magic. The page looks “odd” (probably better) because it is using Yahoo’s CSS style sheet.

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