There are no secrets left

Those of you who know my real name may find it amusing to search for the article in the Statesville Record & Landmark from October 28, 1971 – complete with pictures.

It’s a paid site – you only get one page view for free.

My last name is very unusual making it easy to find stories about my family and the few of us that carry the name…..

A list of things you can find out about my family from this web site:

The company my grandfather worked for in Hamilton Ohio in 1918
The date of my grandmother’s death in 1962
The music played at my sister’s wedding
The name of the book my father wrote (apparently the Library of Congress put out a press releases that was picked up by AP in 1955 and appeared in papers around the country)
My father’s comments to the Statesville City Council
My parents involvement running the Senior Citizen’s group (1976ish)
My sister in law’s car crash in 1975
My distant relative in Minnesota who was a politician in Minnesota and Mayor of Moorhead.
My Aunt’s social activities in 1918 in Hamilton Ohio
The music my sister played at her Senior Recital in college
The death of my grandfather in 1953 (I was born in 1955)
My election as Student Government Treasurer
My brother’s story for a Virginia paper of his memories of the 1960 world series (something he hasn’t shared with me)
The phone number of our house in Statesville and address
The infant death in 1899 of  a sister to my father due to spinal meningitis (which I’m not sure I knew about)

I’m guessing you’ll find lots of things about you and your family that you thought were long buried in some roll of microfilm.

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