What Republicans could learn from Mr Black Detroit

This story becomes interesting now that President Obama has announced he supports Gay Marriage, creating an opportunity for Republicans if they only understood a bit more how fragile the Democratic Party alliance is (and actually wanted to win).

One of the dirty little secrets of the Black Communisty is there is no tolerance for male black homosexuality for a variety of reasons. There are a few entertainers like RuPaul, but they cater to a white audience – since their objective is to convince impressionable young white men that it’s okay to be gay and to not have children. They are not a threat to the Black Communisty’s cultural identity – they are not role models of what mothers in the black Communisty want their sons to grow up to be.

Around 1988, I was renting a small office in a shared office facility on Woodward Avenue in a small community called Pleasant Ridge, located between 9 and 10 mile road (8 mile is the wall of separation between Detroit City and “the suburbs”). There were about 6 small offices, each big enough for a desk and filing cabinet and a shared secretary who answered the phone and took messages and could do light secretarial work.

The office in the back by the rear door was rented by the man who had organized the Mr Black Detroit pageant. He seemed like a pleasant guy the few times I had contact with him.

Imagine my shock when I turned on the radio news one morning to hear that he had been beaten up inside the place where I was renting office space – it happened after I had left for the evening. The word had gotten out in the Commnisty that he was gay – and was taking an interest in getting to know the contestants in a more personal way, if you get my drift. The response from the Communisty was swift and brutal. I don’t know what became of him or the black male beauty pageant in Detroit, but it was the last time I saw him in his office. I don’t see any indication that the contest still exists. 1988 was before the internet, so it’s not likely I can find a news account of the incident online.

Imagine in your mind this scenario – a reporter walks up to Jesse Jackson and asks him the typical hypothetical questions Republicans get all the time “Reverand Jackson, if your son announced to you that he decided he was gay and wanted to marry another man, how would you react?”

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4 Responses to What Republicans could learn from Mr Black Detroit

  1. JayMar says:

    Frankly, Art, these people will support Obama, no matter what. It’s all based on race and not issues. If elections among these people were based on current events there wouldn’t be a Black Caucus. These bums would have been voted out long time ago.

    • Art Stone says:

      The point would not be to put a wedge between black voters and Barack Obama – I agree that won’t do a thing. The point is to put wedges between President Obama and the other major constituent groups that make up the Democratic party.

      I have a long dormant idea of creating a matrix of each of the major groups that have been cultivated by the Democrats (Blacks, Hispanics, Homosexuals, Labor Untions, Native Americans, Animal Rights activitists, Deaf people, Teachers and college professors) and then identifying an issue that would put two of the groups in conflict with each other. For example, the Hispanic vs Animal Rights box might contain “Bull Fighting”. In the past, the United States has imposed sanctions on countries that have fishing fleets that were trapping and killing sea turtles in their nets. How about a law imposing sancations on countries to still allow bull fighting, which is nothing but killing animals for amusement, but an important part of Hispanic “culture”. If every time PETA shows up on a show, the first question is “So what is your stand on countries that still permit bull fighting?”, eventually one group or the other wil say something that throws the two groups into conflict.

  2. 3tooz says:

    I hesitated remarking on Obozo and his flip-flop, but after taking to a close friend that has a brother that is as queer as a three dollar bill, is so pissed at Obama that I cannot repeat the word’s she used to express her displeasure. And that was from a woman that don’t cuss or use foul language, but after having second thought’s Im going to tell Everybody.

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