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Share the Wealth

Here is the complete text of Huey Long’s speech to the nation in the 1934 broadcast nationwide on the NBC radio network. As you read it, see how much it shares with the speeches of Donald Trump and Bernie … Continue reading

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First impressions

CC (can I call you C for short) posted this so deep in comments that people won’t see it – it’s worthy of its own thread I’m shocked, I tell you. CC noticed (and I did as well) Mr … Continue reading

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Detroit Justice Unless things have changed in Detroit, Ms. Peterson has zero chance of a court ruling in her favor. She’ll be lucky if the publicity of this situation doesn’t result in a group of people arriving at her house and … Continue reading

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Democracy in Action

If you weren’t glued to C-SPAN all afternoon, you could have missed this. Fox News Radio specifally covered it up on the top of the hour. There is big trouble brewing inside the Democratic Party. A party’s “platform” is mostly … Continue reading

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Overheard in Park Ridge

If the name sounds familiar, Park Ridge is the Chicago suburb where a young Hillary Clinton grew up and began to admire Barry Goldwater – before she went off to college and was consumed by the charms of Bill Clinton. … Continue reading

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And the Winner is….

House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, the individual who has the legal responsibility to pass a budget in the House and send it to the Senate for approval, which he has done like clockwork – only to have Harry S. … Continue reading

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“You didn’t build it”, but neither did you.

Back on July 4th, I posted some thoughts about how much work it took by our society that I was able to eat a meal at Penn Station in New York City – how the water was being carried by … Continue reading

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Romney to NAACP: Go F* yourselves

That’s the message WOL-AM in Washington DC heard Hey, it worked for Bill Clinton and Sister Souljah–20120312 In other Communisty news, Jesse Jackson Jr, a current member of the US House from Chicago has vanished without explanation.  Dad … Continue reading

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Saudi Arabia and the Three Generation Rule

In Saudi Arabia, women are property, have no right to vote, and are not allowed to drive. The country is officially 100% Muslim as not being Muslim is a capital offense. There are no elections. There is no Democracy or … Continue reading

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What Republicans could learn from Mr Black Detroit

This story becomes interesting now that President Obama has announced he supports Gay Marriage, creating an opportunity for Republicans if they only understood a bit more how fragile the Democratic Party alliance is (and actually wanted to win). One of … Continue reading

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