The “Random” gun violence in Seattle

A country full of angry young men without wives and children and no job and no purpose in life is a powder keg waiting to explode.

Ian Lee Stawicki was not likely a Glenn Beck listener and NRA member hanging out at the country club listening to Rush Limbaugh and smoking cigars and guzzling transfats.   He hung out in the “University District” and was a semi-regular at the small “eclectic music” cafe which he had recently been thrown out of several times.  There was nothing random about the killings, and he just as easily could have used a can of gasoline or any number of ways, but of course this was immediately turned into a gun control issue in the uber liberal city of Seattle.

Two of the men killed were in a musical group called “God’s Favorite Beefcake

Here is blurb about one of their club appearances:

God’s Favorite Beefcake

(Cafe Racer) On the first (and sometimes second) Thursday of each month, Shmootzi the Clod and his friends have a little hoedown at Cafe Racer. Shmootzi, a member of the now-defunct Circus Contraption, has a sinister, lightly lewd grin and a beautifully odd voice that sounds rough and smooth at the same time: part Tom Waits and part Dean Martin. His friends play banjo, steel guitar, standup bass, accordion, harmonica, ukulele, musical saw, and other stuff—they sound like a scary jug band—while Shmootzi sings jauntily about apocalypse, desperation, and death: “Hello, my friends, I came by to say farewell. It’s been nice to know you and I’ll see you all in hell. When I get there, rest assured I’m gonna ring that bell. And let the devil know I have arrived.”

Satan, there is someone at the door!

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4 Responses to The “Random” gun violence in Seattle

  1. Art Stone says:

    I probably should have checked it at the time, but Cafe Racer (in the description above) is the place where the murders occurred.

  2. 3tooz says:

    Here’s the answer to your question in a nut shell. Seattle Wa. and Portland Or, are full of left wing liberals that migrated north from California, the only problem is that not enough of them went . And as far as Gods favorite beefcake and the Seattle mist football.. Both Oxymoron’s

  3. briand75 says:

    The only thing these seemingly random spree killers have in common isn’t the NRA, conservative thoughts, anti-Obamacare leanings or listening to Limbaugh – it is the diseased mind of a killer. God help us if we go red-state/blue-state on spree killers. The joyless environment created by progressive government may add fuel, but these sorry representatives of humanity are fatally ill and not political footballs.

  4. Art Stone says:

    I think it more likely we would find him in the audience of the Seattle Mist Lingerie Football League

    The women in this league are not being paid and pay for their own uniforms and health insurance – MTV2 broadcasts the games. Why do they do it? Hmmm…..

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