Can/Will Detroit elect a “White” mayor?

I really wish I knew where Ken Hamblin went and why…

“Everyone” in Detroit knows the truth, but nobody will come right out and say it. The City of Detroit will never recover until it is no longer a “Black Nation” homeland.

Chicago, New York, Washington DC, Philadelphia and Atlanta have all tried having black mayors from the Democratic Welfare State plantation run their cities with the same result – business and non-blacks fleeing the city, a surge in violent and property crime, a breakdown in the courts and police protection and public schools, and wide spread corruption and plundering of the treasury. (Good thing that hasn’t happened on a national level!)

Over the years, a few non-black people have tried to run for Mayor of Detroit to “Take the City Back”, but they obviously can’t frame their intentions that way. The city that used to have a population of close to 2 million now is down to 713,000 (2010 census) of which 82% are black. The city is not going to elect a “White” mayor until the black residents decide they’ve had enough and vote based on ability and not racial identity or continue to move out of the city and a brave non-black minority establish a “New Center” community that draws whites back to live in the city to the point they can influence city government.

Mike Duggan is expected to announce shortly that he is running for mayor. He previously was the “Deputy Wayne County Executive”, roughly speaking the “mayor” of the county that includes the City of Detroit and the Wayne County Prosecutor.

He recently bought a home in the “Palmer Woods” part of Detroit which is where the power people live and is necessary to be eligible to run for mayor. There was a meeting at Mackinac Island over the weekend and people in the know say he is definitely going to run for mayor.

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  1. JayMar says:

    No the real reason is those poor, downtrodden people is their exploitation by THE EVIL RICH! Let’s tax the rich at 99% and see if they can survive on 1%. Let’s spread the wealth, as was uttered by our fearless brave leader who barehandedly killed Osama Bin Laden FORWARD! (Now please everyone stand and sing THE INTERNATIONALE).

    • Art Stone says:

      An anecdote of how this “survival of the weakest” plays out. I was entertaining myself in Runescape a few weeks ago, and a player asked me how to do something – from his language skills, I’m guessing he was about 15 years old. When I said, “now go East from there” (his screen has a compass at the top), he was completely unable to do that – repeatedly and over several days reminding me that he had a “disease” that made him unable to figure out compass directions.

      I got fed up with the idea that someone has been turning him into a cripple, so I asked him… “Do you know which hand is your your right hand?”….. “Well, yeah!”. “That’s East (if the compass has North at the top)”.

      “Oh!”… [problem solved]

  2. JayMar says:

    Detroit is a model of what America is quickly becoming. The are more ex-council members and mayors indicted and in jail than they have serving the people. Detroit will never elect a white mayor again until the last black leaves and “turn the lights off”. I just heard on the radio that 50% of the street lights are not working and the city is desperately trying to move people into more compact areas since they will not protect some outer areas of the city. Shades of North Korea!

    It all goes back to the entitlement mentality of the blacks no only in Detroit but also in New Orleans, Atlanta, Cleveland, et al. Just look at how backward the whole continent of Africa is. Look at Haiti. Reality is reality.

    • Art Stone says:

      And there is the even more real reality that nobody (including me) is going to come right out and say – that the public schools are in such a mess because they have been given an impossible task. All people are not created equal. There are students who will never understand differential equations no matter how much free breakfast, special tutoring, teaching aides and mentoring you provide for them. The best outcome you can hope for is that the teachers will fake the test results.

      To avoid being unequal, the only possible way to ensure equality of all is to slow down learning to the ability of the least able student (who long ago gave up even trying to learn). The students with above normal ability figure out this game that the adults are playing and are bored silly and start fidgeting and “acting out”. They are then labeled as the ones with the “problem” and drugged into passivity.

      We can’t handle the truth.

      • Art Stone says:

        I like analogies – let’s create a hypothetical NBA based on the concepts of public school education.

        Instead of people “fouling out” of the game, players would have to leave the game when they get 10 points. Each team would have 10 players on the roster. If one team got way ahead, they would run out of players and then the game would become 5 on 4, then 5 on 3 then 5 on 2…

        Every game would end in a 100-100 tie. In the unlikely event that one team had a player who could not get the ball in the basket no matter that there was nobody on the floor stopping him, you need a provision for “extra time” to let him/her just keep shooting the basket until they reach their 10 point quota. If they still can’t do it, you have extended extra time where a stepladder is brought out to the basket and they just drop the ball through the hoop.

        If you don’t like that idea, then we could put back in a one foul and you’re out rule – in the event you are called for being too aggressive on offense or defense, then you leave the game without your 10 points and your team loses – so by all means do nothing that would be considered competing unfairly.

        Like this game?

      • foyle says:

        …and in most, if not all, states they go one step further …. those students who will NEVER achieve are ‘exempted’ from any ‘competency’ tests that are given to “all” students.

        The bureaucrats and politicians then point to the test results and say “see our schools are doing their jobs, 90% of students are passing the competency tests”. Only if you read the full report about the tests (or know teachers who work in these establishments) do you find out that 15, 20, sometimes 30% of the students body are given ‘exemptions’ to these competency tests.

        As Orwell said so well, “double plus good”

        • Art Stone says:

          Don’t forget that the cause of all this inability to learn is ultimately caused by the children in public housing projects eating the lead based paint peeling from the walls! Yep, that’s the explanation.

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