Ground Zero

Premiere has a new syndicated show – a Coast to Coast like program that was a local show on KXL has gone national. The hours are not yet clear – the web page says 7PM-Midnight Pacific (10 PM – 3 AM ET), but that may not all be live.

This show is displacing the Coast to Coast reruns that run on Clear Channel stations, and some non-CC stations

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  1. Nidster says:

    Old farts like Camping are always sounding off and I expect in the end the Lord will say to him, “I never knew you.”

    What I find interesting is good old fashion deductive reasoning that the “intelligent woman” displayed when she called GZ and speculated the ‘countdown clock’ had something to do with the 11th anniversary of 911. In my view the US embassy attacks in Egypt and Libya qualify as significant events.

    So, I may have to backtrack a little on calling GZ an uninteresting show if it can attract callers like the one cite above.

  2. Art Stone says:

    Add WKCY-AM to the C2C list

  3. Nidster says:

    I’ve listened to a little bit of GZ last week and the host took a phone call from an intelligent sounding woman who explained that a certain website has a countdown clock of some sort. According to what she said, and of course it is all just speculation, is perhaps this is a countdown to the 11th anniversary of the 911 event, which is today of course. So you know I just had to browse over to see the ‘clock’. Well there are all sorts of occult symbols on display but no explanation of the meaning behind the countdown. Typical occult weirdness that only an initiate or illuminated person, would understand.

    Not a very interesting show, IMO. I have listened to lots of C2C shows, mostly in the past when Art Bell hosted it and found it to be good ‘entertainment’ on occasion. With George Noory as host I find fewer shows to be interesting, entertaining or even informative. But I rarely listen these days.

    While some of the GZ stuff can be entertaining to some, I am listening to what Peter Lavenda and Joseph P. Ferrel have to say. Regardless of what you, we, or me consider to be rational, intelligent thought it is wise to keep in mind that there really are those who walk among us who are dangerous to our health and well being. Many of them are situated in high places.

    • Art Stone says:

      Maybe it was the Mayan calendar doomsday clock.

      By the way, Harold Camping of Family Radio has recovered well enough from his stroke that he was redone his calculations and has yet another date when Jesus will return.

  4. MrC_5150 says:

    I’ve got three words to describe this show. Ai yai yai. Yai yai.

  5. Jim Somervell says:

    WNOX is not the station, my mistake. sorry. WREC carries it at 10 PM CDT, And I think a couple of others might carry it taped also, I just get tired of looking . If I know it comes on at 10 then I will just catch it then.

    • Art Stone says:

      The convention this week has some stations carrying it instead of the regular program. I would not be surprised if WREC goes away once Premiere notices it. You could pay them to hear podcasts instead 😉

  6. Jim Somervell says:

    Mental illness is probably just one phase of this brain numbing show. I have found C2C Rewind on a couple of other stations but the days and times change. WNOX does drop the G Zero at 10 pm Central and picks up C2C at that time.

  7. Jim Somervell says:

    Anyone have an idea if some stations are still going to carry the C2C Rewind show? I wasn’t real impressed with what I heard on Ground Zero, but I might just be picky.

    • Art Stone says:

      I created a little confusion – Linux was sharing the machine with Windows which I had set to Central Time but the SRGuide is all hard coded to believe it is in Eastern Time, so everything was off by an hour at least for a bit.

      It looks like a few stations have kept C2C – probably those not owned by Clear Channel. My impression of Ground Zero is that it is designed to induce mental illness in susceptible people.

  8. Art Stone says:

    This is one disturbing show.

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