Keeping track of the past

I just added a new feature, that about 3 people will find interesting, and he rest will go “huh?”

Let’s say you know that Dr Laura Schlessinger used to have a radio show, and left a year ago to move to Sirius/XM – but for some odd reason you wanted to know “So when she did have a radio show, what stations was she on?”

If you scroll down toward the bottom, you’ll see a new checkbox:

[_]  “Show all stations the program was ever on (that we knew about)?

and like magic you see the stations and (most recent) times the show was on.

This comes with lots of disclaimers – one of the main ones is if the station no longer exists, there will be no listing.   If the station changed call signs, the call sign showing up will be the current call sign, not the call sign when the station had the show.   The station may no longer even be a talk station.

If you say to include all stations, and the show is no longer on that station – there will be no Listen icon – since the last thing I need is people reporting Wrong Program!   after they click on show me all the dead stations, too!

You also can’t take this as “the truth” that the station ever carried the show – for instance, when  Andrea Tantaros took over for Laura Ingraham, I copied Laura Ingraham’s affiliates to Andrea’s show in order to test to see which show the station was carrying.   Some of that I might be able to detect and cleanup, but I want to do that carefully.

This works even on dead shows – let’s say you wanted to find out which shows carried Steve Malzberg when he had a national syndicated show on WOR, you can now find that out.

What stations was Bruce Williams heard on?

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4 Responses to Keeping track of the past

  1. Parrott says:

    That’s cool. You know, Arnie Spanier who was on Sporting news Radio, left Dallas KRLD-FM and now is in Canada, Toronto .
    Oh well, he was good on sporting news radio until they shut that down.
    I haven’t listened to sporting news since.
    No I listen to Doom Talk Radio, LOL

  2. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    Art, Is there a direct link yet for the affiliates that carried the Jack Benny Show? 🙂

    (I’d settle for Art Linkletter if you are still working on the results for Mr Benny. 🙂 )

  3. briand75 says:

    No. No. No. I am looking for The Shadow – Lamont Cranston was it?

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