TRN and Dial Global part ways

Talk Radio Networks is run by the son of Roy Masters, the somewhat unconventional man who shows up on radio late at night giving his rather unconventional explanations about human behavior. He runs the Foundation for Human Understanding, which seems to sell courses in meditation and self hypnosis.

As Laura Ingraham and Michael Savage were trying to leave, Masters lashed out at Dial Gobal who had been their “rep firm”, handling the business relationship with the affiliates. A lawsuit was threatened – I’m not sure if it was ever filed.

TRN just ended its relationship with Dial Global. Even with the threats and the accusations that Dial Global was steering stations to its own products, Dial Global had a fiduciary responsibility to TRN. That no longer exists. Dial Global can now aggressively push their own products like Dennis Miller.

Today is the deadline day the banks may drop the hammer on Dial Global.

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