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WXKS-AM in Boston is the former Mexican Accordion music station owner by Clear Channel. They tried to move Rush Limbaugh to the station, which failed miserably. For the past few months they’ve been running 24 hr/day “comedy”, which is hard to do with a black Democrat as President. The station will be switching to Bloomberg’s all biz talk, a first for Clear Channel. Now the bankers on State Street can get lectured by Mayor Bloomberg on their consumption of unhealthy sugary drinks.

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  1. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    Turns out sugary drinks are not really bad. What is really bad are corn-syrupy drinks. The cronyism that taxes the hell out of natural sugar from sugar cane has been linked to obesity, diabetes and many other ill effects. It seems that the corn syrup causes more extreme sugar spikes in the blood than sugar from sugar cane that the rest of the world uses, leading to binge eating etc etc.

    • Art Stone says:

      My understanding is the reason is HFCS doesn’t get sensed as sugar because it fructose, so the pancreas doesn’t dump insulin to deal with it. It also isn’t sensed as sugar so you can slug down 32 oz before you realize it. If it was sucrose, you would be overwhelmed.

      Because HFCS doesn’t cause immediate illness, it is perceived to be “safe” by the government regulators and politicians. I mix in cherry koolaid made with cane sugar (not the mix that is sweetened with fructose). You would be hard pressed to consume the same quantity of fructose from fruits since you’ll typically have high acid content. Drinking a 32 oz orange juice would be quite a chore

  2. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    Joke: How about a “Donate” button on the page, Art, so we can raise $5k and suggest the name “StreamingRadio GuideDot Com …. or would that be an copyright infringement? 😉

  3. HPaws says:

    Forgive the ignorance: I thought Rush could pretty much be moved anywhere on the dial and people would follow? Also, will radio station owner attempt to paint ratings as fiction because of streaming? As an example I listen to Rush (90% of the time) on WMMB streamed (I have a personal history with the area) is that counted into MMB’s audience. And, in terms of advertising – I’m a useless listener – I’m not likely to visit the Space Coast Auto Mall anytime soon.

    • Art Stone says:

      Didn’t work in Boston.

      A piece of this is most people in the car use presets – if he moves between two stations on your presets, you’ll find it. In this case, the station is up at the high end which gets much more iffy reception and generally is where ethnic stations wind up. Almost no Rush listener would have had the Mexican hat dance station on a preset – the old station was not about to tell its listeners where to find Rush. “Rush who?”

      The point you make about streaming is one the industry is finally waking up to. If you’re a PPM person reporting to Arbitron, there is a large gap in their methodology – it “hears” what you hear looking for watermarks so it knows what you’re hearing… So it will record the encoding it hears.

      But what if you’re riding public transit to work and listening on headphones? You have to plug the headphones into the PPM device and then plug that into your radio so it can “hear” what you’re listening to in the headphones.

      But what if you record programming off the radio and play it back later? What does the PPM device do if you’re listening to Rush at 10 PM? Count it in Rush’s ratings? Count it for the program actually on that station at 10 PM? Ignore it as “bad data”?

      When it is only a few people, that didn’t matter. Now something like 40% of people do at least some streaming.

      • CC1s121LrBGT says:

        *begin sarcasm* Can you still listen to over the air radio without logging in via Facebook, Microsoft of Google? We better plug that loophole soon or we will continue have no way to track what the terrorists are listening to…. aren’t we working on data mining to generate no fly lists, or are those still from anonymous tips? *end sarcasm*

        • Art Stone says:

          We should ask to see the play list of people’s phones and MP3 players at airline checkin. Since Islam prohibits listening to music (other than religious), if we find gangsta rap or heavy metal on the device, wave the young men through – they’re harmless.

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