You can’t use food stamps at the local farmer’s market? No problemo

You visit your local farmer’s market trying to solve your fear of healthy food insecurity, and those greedy insensitive white farmers just stare at you when you try to hand them your EBT card, as you try to exercise your right to be given free healthy food.

Despite sequestration, the USDA has found money to hand out equipment to allow people at farmer’s markets to accept SNAP! payments via a wireless connection.

I can’t imagine that anyone would use this ability to exchange SNAP! Payments for things other than healthy food.

USDA Bulletin

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2 Responses to You can’t use food stamps at the local farmer’s market? No problemo

  1. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    There are several apps now for transferring money from phones. Starbucks was one of the first to accept payments from phones. Seems the USDA could have sent the funds through phones instead:

  2. Parrott says:

    Awesome, I am glad I pay for SNAPs , and abortions through planned parenthood.
    NOT. Had you going there?
    $500 million to planned parenthood every year and I cannot have that changed. Who knows how much for Snaps. They take the money out of my paycheck before I can see it. Jackasses.
    Is it a good thing I work for a living then, since I enable the Gov’t to do this?
    I feel sad, that I am enabling this. (serious on that) Bummer.
    You should have at least a form that lets you check boxes on what you want your tax dollars to go to, since they are taking it. Its the least they could do.
    I would uncheck PSA ads too

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