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2,700 new pages of Medicare rules

Just as Obamacare is imploding, the government has published 2,700 pages of new rules to micromanage doctors, physician assistants and nurse practioners. Everyone knows that Medicare is in trouble – unlike Social Security, there is no trust fund of money … Continue reading

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My Cheetos are genetically modified

Frito Lay has been made a target by the GMO free lobby. Most corn growing states being solid Republican has absolutely nothing to do with this campaign. Vermont started the demand for GMO labeling and Congress just passed a law … Continue reading

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Bi-Lo – Sweet!

5 12 packs for $11 (North Carolina has no bottle tax, so feel free to throw your grape soda at bicycles)

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The drug culture

Not the illegal drug culture of heroin and cocaine – the “legal” drug culture with Ocycontin and Prosac – legal because a doctor trained in science hands out permission slips for a fee. An example of how out of control … Continue reading

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A small victory

I’ll take them where I can get one… People who have been here a while know my opposition to HFCS in sodas is close to a religious issue. Back when I went to the Bi-Lo supermarket near me, I made … Continue reading

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Happier than a pig wallowing in donuts

The report as promised My pickup window was 4-5 PM. That meant I could change or cancel my order up until 1 AM (hence my suspicion some picking is done overnight) It takes about 20 minutes to get to this … Continue reading

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Hot Diggity Dog!

In addition to being election day in Nevada for Republicans, today is hot dog day at burger king The suggested price for the Chili Cheese Dog is $2.29, make it a combo for a little less than $5 The appearance … Continue reading

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Welcome your Stevia Overlords

The last time I went to the buffet place, the Sierra Mist seemed different. It’s the one widely available fountain drink from Pepsi made without HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup). Well well… I also have a 12 pack in the … Continue reading

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My Breakfast with Jack

Andre Is out of town, so I went ahead and had an early afternoon breakfast with my friend Jack, over in his Box. Jack is right next door to McDonalds, which serves breakfast all day, as long as a stale … Continue reading

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Oil isn’t the only thing the United States has more than it needs. When did “Non-fat dry milk powder + milk fat = cream” start? Every brand of ice cream at the grocery store (except the one I bought) listed … Continue reading

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