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I stumbled on this video due to my history of looking at railroad videos.

This was a bankrupt short line railroad with 62 miles of track that was carrying a few cars a week between Lometa Texas where it connects with the BNSF to Brady The 100 year old track was so bad it is limited to 10 mph. The FRA had ordered the Gulf, Colorado and San Saba railroad to stop using a crossing on a 4 lane highway because the crossing signals had no electrical power.

Then a funny thing happened – the best, cheapest fracking sand in the country lies right along the railroad.

The bridge crosses the Colorado River – it had been burning since Sunday Afternoon and this video was from Monday.

Back in the days of Steam Locomotives, sparks used to cause fires like this. They’re almost impossible to put out, especially so in the middle of nowhere. Damage is estimated at $10 million. Note that this was a bridge made from wood – imagine the trees that were needed to make it in 1910

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  1. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    Interesting update with cool pix on the new underground railroad

    • Art Stone says:

      Yes, that’s the one that might be finished in my lifetime. Note that the “new” grand central for LIRR will be about 15 stories underground. By being so deep, there are no utilities to worry about nor undermining foundations of existing buildings. Midtown has solid bedrock.

      The story didn’t really point out that they’re using an existing tunnel under the East River – it was built with two levels but the original plans for the other level were abandoned.

      The Second Avenue subway is the real boondoggle. It’s really necessary to get the UN workers to work from their upper east side homes. The hope is it will take pressure off the horribly overcrowded Lexington Avenue subway. The idea to build it goes back 100 years, but nobody could justify the cost until President Obama reworked the math

  2. HPaws says:

    If you’re ever in North Western Pennsylvania, there is an enormous railroad bridge, When I was younger we could walk all the way across it was breath taking. I’m surprised that the commissar fun police haven’t had it melted down. We used to walk across then hike back through the gorge. Never knew how lucky I was. This country really has fallen into a liberal crap hole. I’ll be dead soon. That’s the good news.

    • Art Stone says:

      It was a big deal at the time in 2003 when the tornado did it in – at the time I think I remember it operating as a museum, and that ended that.

      It looks like that is America’s destiny – to be a museum, with the valuable stuff looted first.

      We used to be able to make a bridge like that in less than a year from the moment it was conceived as necessary. Now you can’t do the environmental impact study in a year.

      I wonder how things are progressing at the bay bridge. They hope it will last 100 years

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