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If it has metal wheels, it qualifies

Amtrak’s woes

The Amtrak train from Chicago to Seattle has been averaging 3-5 hours late recently, in no small part due to Warren Buffet’s influence at stopping the building of the Keystone XL pipeline. He controls the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) … Continue reading

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Trails to Rails

You may have noticed there is a blog category of “Trails to Rails”. It wouldn’t be shocking if you thought that was a typo. 😉 As the United States has deliberately been weakened by deindustrialization, one marker of “Progress” by … Continue reading

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Find the Motive

I stumbled on this video due to my history of looking at railroad videos. This was a bankrupt short line railroad with 62 miles of track that was carrying a few cars a week between Lometa Texas where it connects … Continue reading

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Xinhau gets it right Or at least they didn’t get it wrong. Every major news service has the main fact of the train derailment near Baltimore wrong. The train did not hit the truck – the truck drove into the side of the … Continue reading

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Getting Our Fair Share

The LIRR is spending $40 million to upgrade one station that carries 6,000 passengers a day on 59 trains, which means a capital expenditure of $6,666 per rider (assuming it comes in on budget) The monthly fare is $276 for … Continue reading

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