Contingency Workers

Here is a new buzzword, at least to me. Is it because of Obamacare? Immigration Reform? Globalism?

There have been hints something was changing at mid year. Have a look at this piece of stuff

This from the Human Resources school of business which views workers as interchangeable widgets that you just buy from the lowest cost provider. All you need is a good list of required skills, and the rest is child’s play. Need some web server programmers? We have some fine young men from Chechnya who would love to bring excitement to your ecommerce foundations

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  1. Nidster says:

    Your last paragraph echo’s the comments made to Rush by a caller from Texas in the last hour. The guy was saying he’s frequently in contact with Mexicans working in low paid jobs. When asked if they wanted to take advantage of the pathway to citizenship they all said, “No.”

    The advantage businesses will get is by not having to pay for ObamaCare, or even the fines because by hiring anyone who gets onto the pathway will not be eligible for ObamaCare, therefore the employer is exempt from any health care cost or fines for that employee. So, renounce your citizenship and apply for the “pathway”. Sounds like a good deal to me.

    The immigration bill seems to be a backdoor attempt to get people who are not Hispanic on the Pathway.

    BTW, if you were to become Dictator, would you be Benevolent?

  2. Nidster says:

    Sure thing! Everyone knows about all the fine young men from Chechnya who crave the excitement of America’s competitive sporting events. Just wait till immigration reform gets underway later next month. There will be plenty of fine young men from around the world signing up for their green cards, and with plenty of cash to pay the fines and other stuff. Those Democrats and RINO’s must be laughing their arses off at the dumb conservatives who still think it’s all about bringing in Mexicans. Sure, it’s about them too, but that just the cover story.

    • Art Stone says:

      of course – the irony here is that once all of those people working here illegal get official permission to work, their wage demands will go up and the advantage to business will vanish. Then we’ll need a new fresh crop of Post 2011 illegal aliens. Even that won’t really be necessary given the provisions to drag your relatives over the finish line.

      If I were dictator, if this idea goes forward, entry into the “path to citizenship” would require surrendering any existing passport you hold, and sign documents to formally renounce your citizenship at the end of the process.

      I really don’t think most of these people are going to want citizenship – they just want to come and go freely to Mexico and send their money back home untaxed.

  3. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    It is the reason I am for the consumption tax instead of the payroll tax – overseas countries encourage rather than punish work and we need to do the same to have a competitive rate.

    Taxing consumption results in equal tax whether the consumed product from made in the USA or made overseas- taxing payrolls only taxes the products that were made wish US labor.

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