No, this isn’t about Sweet Jack and layoffs at Cumulus at the former ABC stations happening this week

A few days ago, I was listening to the horrid drivel called Fox Radio News at the top of the hour, and they had a “news” item about thing destroying everyone’s lives – a game called Candy Crunch. For reasons I can’t explain, it grabs hold of you. I was playing the game right then.

The game follows a basic portable device business model – get the game in the hands of children with no concept of money and have them loot their parent’s bank account for outrageous amounts of money.

You can, in theory play the entire game up to level 350 without paying anything – but if you want to speed it up (or are not smart enough to solve the puzzles), you can buy boosts that give you more turns, special tools, etc – the first three offered cost $16.99, $39.99 and $24.99 – for a total of $81.97 if my math is right – but they’ll sure let you spend a lot more if you want.

The game also incorporates Facebook, so your group of “friends” can use peer pressure on you to spend more money to keep up with them. You get one free try every half hour, up to a maximum of 5, encouraging you to play every 2 1/2 hours.

Move over Angry Birds -virtual candy is here! We need a new law to protect us from virtual empty calories!

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11 Responses to Sweet!

  1. Nidster says:

    You forgot to post the phone #.

  2. Nidster says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Teach children the first rule of spending money is that NO EFFORT, or at least, NO PRODUCTIVE EFFORT is required to SPEND money. This is going to end very, very, very good for certain entities, mark my words here at 11:46:30.

    • Art Stone says:

      Another thing the current culture is teaching them – with predictive search turned on, go to google and type in any computer game and look at the most likely things people search for – In most cases, the top choices are “cheat” and “hack”.

      Has the Internet caused this, or have people always been like the and the Internet just makes it more visible?

      • Nidster says:

        Could be a bit of both in the sense there is the perceived guise of anonymity allowing us to hide behind an alias/handle. Couple that feeling with the desire to obtain ‘something’ without paying for it is present in most of us. Have we not been well trained by all the ‘free offers’ we see everyday?

        • Art Stone says:

          For a limited number of visitors, get 50% off StreamingRadioGuide.com points – this offer is being targeted at people in your community. You need to call today if your name begins with A-M, call tomorrow if your last name begins with N-Z. This offer will never be offered again.

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