Pat McCrory day in NC

Pat McCrory is the former mayor of Charlotte NC, and current governor of North Carolina. He’s also a person I knew personally in 1976 when we both served in Student Government at Catawba College. I liked him a lot back then and still do – he hasn’t changed a bit.

Republicans control both the House and Senate and are passing bills that are pissing off Democrats (and my relatives in NC)

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Among today’s changes are laws requiring voters to show a state issued ID, requiring abortion clinics to meet the safety standards of outpatient surgery centers, dropping abortion coverage for state employees and expanding gun rights to allow you to take guns into places that sell alcohol, and have guns on school property as long as they are locked inside a car.

There is a lot to like here.

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5 Responses to Pat McCrory day in NC

  1. Parrott says:

    Cool, That previous governor was a nut. (according to my cousin’s that live in the Apex-Holly Springs -Fuquay-Varina metroplex area : )

    • Art Stone says:

      Another thing in the abortion bill is outlawing sex selection abortions. This is exactly what Republicans need to do in order to fragment the Democratic power.

      The culture of much of Asia treats female children as a severe financial liability, having to be sold off with a dowry to some man willing to take on the burden of having a wife.

      As a result, it is a widespread practice to do a sonogram to determine if the “fetus” is male or female, and abort the child if it is a girl.

      This puts feminists in a box directly in conflict with those wanting to respect the cultural traditions of Asian immigrants. If the feminists agree that it is wrong to have an abortion to get rid of a future pre-woman, then you are saying abortion on demand is not an absolute right after all – but one with acceptable and unacceptable reasons – hello, slippery slope. What if a woman wants to abort a fetus because she doesn’t want a half black son?

      • Nidster says:

        What if a woman wants to abort a fetus because she doesn’t want a (fill-in blank here)? Down Syndrome babies are routinely aborted if known ahead of time. Sometimes things backfire, “Over five months after a 19-year old Texas teen died in January during a late-term abortion received at Women’s Health Care Services, the infamous late-term abortion mill owned and operated by George R. Tiller, the autopsy report is still unavailable. ”

        I suppose there are women who want the ‘perfect’ man to marry, but don’t care a whit if a mother has to also die with her baby in a sub-standard medical clinic.

        New Normal for anyone who supports abortion on demand, should they also be relegated to accept the same sub-standard medical care found in abortion mills? just askin’

  2. HPaws says:

    There is a web site called Carolina Plott Hound that covers the NC news and the people’s struggle. Also, NC Renegade: NC R, has been identified as a potential threat because of their veneration of the first 10 amendments and the values generally held as precious in this country prior to 1964 (or so). I have no doubt that the permanent campaign against PM by the liberals is going dishonest, dirty and unrelenting. Good conservative state news is available if you look. The liberal lies land in your lap.

  3. Art Stone says:

    The Gun law changes passed in the Senate by 32-14. Only one Democrat voted for it.

    It also protects list of registered gun owners as not public documents.

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