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North Carolina repeals HB2, nobody happy Democratic governor Cooper has signed a law repealing HB2, and also rolling back the Charlotte ordinance that triggered the passage of HB2. Recognizing he has to give Republican legislators what they want, the repeal goes further than what Democrats … Continue reading

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Parrot U

While out and about, I stumbled on this store called Parrot U. The store is pretty much what you would think it is – it is a store that teaches parrots. So when I walked up to the window, a … Continue reading

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Another fatal police shooting in Charlotte Hispanic drug gang member fires a bullet into an SUV driven by another Hispanic male, sideswipers the SUV, gets out of his car with a handgun, not knowing the driver of the SUV following him is an undercover police … Continue reading

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Jerseydevil posted a topic that triggered a memory that may or may not be interesting. Apparently Steve Deace created the hypothetical of whether a black caterer could be forced to serve a convention of white supremacists. So there is so … Continue reading

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A walk in the park

At the crack of dawn (7 AM), I hopped in my car to see what a real commute would be like if someone in Uptown was foolish enough to hire me to patch COBOL programs. Admittedly, it is the week … Continue reading

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“Up”town Charlotte is the mother lode of pokéness Each blue dot is a pokéstop where you pick up supplies, each red dot is a Pokégym where the three factions battle for “control” of the gym for somewhat dubious benefits.  It … Continue reading

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Returning home to CHURCHs

Church’s Chicken Wilkinson Boulevard used to be the old road to the airport – and everything that meant – stripper bars, rent by the hour prostitution motels, pawn shops, used tire stores. For the first few weeks until I got … Continue reading

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Freemasonry and the civil war

One of the things that puzzled me upon moving to the South in 1970 was the presence of a Masonic lodge right next door to city hall in Statesville, NC. Given the religious nature of the South, it seemed anachronistic, … Continue reading

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Zack’s Hamburgers

It’s 1975 all over again. While Pokémoning Sunday, I bumped into Zach’s Hamburgers at South Boulevard and Scaleybark Road Like 90% of the non-national restaurants in Charlotte, the 2nd most Bibled city in America, the place was closed on the … Continue reading

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A $billion thanks from Charlotte

The former Mayor of Charlotte Anthony Foxx (no relation to Vicente Fox or Redd Foxx) is currently the Secretary of the Department of Transportation. Under his careful stewardship, a year ago the Gold Line Streetcar was brought to life. The … Continue reading

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