Why healthcare is broken

If I move to Charlotte where I’m pretty sure I’ll land, it is an easy bus ride to this hospital


I was reading the reviews and maybe the third one is some person complaining about their treatment of an ingrown toenail “emergency” in the ER. Seriously. I’m pretty sure it isn’t fake.

It was their second time there for an emergency ingrown toenail.

Almost always, ingrown toenails are self-inflicted by not using nail clippers or cutting the nails too short.

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  1. HPaws says:

    When people feel ‘no one’ is paying all sense of responsibility and diligence evaporate.
    Insurance companies got into the animal insurance health maintenance 3-card-Monti game and Vet’s prices have skyrocketed same with human health care. When the government subsidizes something prices don’t go down. Ever. We really need to see some molten marble. Parasites breed parasites, duh.

    • Art Stone says:

      I’m pretty sure I heard eminations from a penumbra that all animals have a right to high quality health care and safe food. It’s in the Constituion – check it out – right in the 3rd amendment of the Bill of Rights

  2. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    I know people that have spent their careers working in ERs. One story I’ve heard is of poor families that come in very sick and needing anti-biotics. The come in because they can not afford to see a family doctor. The ER doctor sees them, diagnoses the problem and hands them a script for anti-biotics. A week or two they are back with the same illness, but many times have it worse. Turns out that they didn’t have the money to fill the script for antibiotics, and it is illegal for the hospital to fill the script. In those cases, often a doctor or nurse will personally open their wallet and hand the patient $20 to get the script filled and the family is extremely grateful, especially if the patient is a child.

    I am not a fan of Obamacare, it has many issues. But the system we have is definitely a broken system.

    • Nidster says:

      Do we have a broken healthcare system? Yes and it’s going to get a lot worse when ObamaCare crashes ‘n burns. Immediate fixes would be tort reform, open up competition in health insurance, and increase the number of private health care clinics that offer very affordable health care.

  3. foyle says:

    I had the occasion (for various family and friends) to visit emergency rooms in North Carolina in the past 10 years. What I repeatedly observed is that the ER has become the ‘family doctor’ for many of our “finest citizens”. Not only were they there for the most trivial of matters (such as head colds), but the entire family would often show up with them. In some cases this included extended family (multi-generations).. Often there would be food brought in with these crowds (buckets of chicken, pizzas, subs, etc).

    It would only be bizarre if not for the fact there are REAL emergencies that spend multiple hours waiting to be seen due to the glut of handout hunters.

    So glad to no longer be living in that state. I hope Gov. McCrory can bring them back from the abyss, but I think the demographics are against turning the tide there.

    • Art Stone says:

      Well, I may be doing my part to change the demographics. Time will tell.

      • foyle says:

        I hope you are right. I love the NC that once was. It is still a beautiful state geographically.

        On the other hand, NC now has one of the highest illegitimacy rates in the nation. Screen out the rural areas of NC and the numbers are even worse. The city where I lived (which has already become a drug and crime ridden hell hole) currently has a 71% illegitimacy rate. Map out those demographics 20 years in the future and you have another Detroit on your hands.

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