Yellow journalism at its worst

There is a misconception that war profiteer General Electric sold NBC. That’s not true – they spun it off as a joint venture with Comcast, retaining 49% ownersh of it.

So today NBC releases a poll trying to create a false opinion analogous to “when dd you stop beating your wife?”

The payoff question was “do you think the President should get Congressional approval before attacking Syria?”. 80% said “yes”. People will hear that and some will translate that to “80% of Americans want us to attack Syria”

The entire poll is preceded by this wildly misleading premise

“Syrian civilians have been killed by their government in response to protests and civil unrest”

No, they are being killed because they are actively involved in a violent attempt to overthrow and kill the leader of a sovereign country. That question makes no assertion about chemical weapons.

If this was a real poll, and not a propaganda push poll meant to feed the war machine, it would not state the above as a fact, but just say “based on what you know, do you”… Then when 72% say “Syria? What’s that?”, you know the “poll” is worthless.

It was reported that the CEO of General Electric drinks the blood of Martians. Do you support sending a rocket to Mars to stop him?

The Poll

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6 Responses to Yellow journalism at its worst

  1. Art Stone says:

    Another example – the San Francisco Chronicle taking quotes from Republicans that they demand Obama get permission – and misrepresenting that as if they are endorsing an attack on Syria

  2. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    GE no longer owns any stake in NBC/Universal, however the culture is still one that GE created of being pro-war. It goes back to the 60s when NBC was owned by defense contractor RCA…. hard to have an opinion against a war when your proposal for billions in weapon sales is sitting on the desk of a government official that watches NBC news at night.

    Go with the Russians will give you some reasons against attacking Syria. šŸ˜‰

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