Mel Watt introduces new “performance tax” bill

Mel Watt represents the 12th Congressional District, a legacy of the Voting Rights Act – the district combines the black portions of 3 far away cities and the farmland in between on the naive belief that black people vote for politicians based on their skin color.

Mel has introduced the Oxymoronic Free Market Royalty Act, which would use government force to require radio stations to pay musicians for playing their music. The last time a bill like this was introduced, Kathy Hughes (the founder of Black Radio company Radio One) was forced into the position of having to oppose the bill intended to force “white” radio station owners to pay black musicians for playing their music – but that such a “tax” would push so-called Black Radio ino bankruptcy.

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  1. briand75 says:

    What ever happened to the free market? Oxymoronic? How about moronic.

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