Time to turn off your computer

Adobe Flash and Adobe Reader are everywhere. Because they’re on most PCs and are trusted software, they are a very valuable entry point to take over computers.

Adobe was hacked. Big time. Massively.


The hackers have both user data if you were foolish enough to register your software, and they have the source code to *everything*

Having the source code makes it 97.62x easier to develop tools to break into Iran’s uranium centrifuges – and your PC, too.

PR Newswire has just found out their Customer data was stolen by the same folks, however nobody had used that data since March. That suggests to me the attack is being done by a government agency that has an insatiable appetite to know everything about everyone.


Expect months of “zero day” exploits – attacks that will succeed because nobody knows they exist or how they work yet.

Oh, and if you ever told the FBI you were hacked, the hackers know that too


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  1. Nidster says:

    Just for the record, I’ve hacked Nidster’s computer years ago. Anything posted on the blog is not attributable to the real “Nidster”. Just wanted to get that off-my-chest since I’ve been feeling so guilty as of late. Thanks for your understanding, ’cause it coulda been anyone of youse guys.

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