Clark Howard succumbs to big pharma

While testing stations, I stumbled onto Clak Howard – the general topic of discussion was generic medications and whether they are as good as the brand names.

Clark indicated that he has acquiesced to his doctor to take cholesterol medication once a day, even though Clark’s cholesterol is normal… Well high normal!

Hey the speed limit on this road is 65 – slow down!
but I’m only going 60!
Wow, that’s really high – do you know you’re “Pre speeding!”? Do you want to kill us?
How fast should I go?
Well, you’re allowed to go 45 – that will be much safer! If everyone went 45, imagine how much safer we’ll all be!

Pay no attention that the FDA is warning that statins can cause liver damage and type 2 diabetes, and that taking medications to lower blood cholesterol levels has no effect on mortality or morbidity

Swallow away!

I just can’t wait until non-compliance with your doctor’s orders becomes a criminal offense or at least prima facia evidence of a mental disorder.

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2 Responses to Clark Howard succumbs to big pharma

  1. Nidster says:

    The federal government can’t even count how many laws and regulations there are. Chances are good that any individual could be in violation of one of them. The only thing a person needs to worry over is if ‘they’ discover what you have been in violation of, or are in violation of now, or will be in the near future.

    Does a PAPARouter provide a person privacy? And, is that a crime?

  2. HPaws says:

    Fear not, lowly citizen: predictive criminal behavior algorithms are on the way to save the day (and Polly Purebread). Who needs neighbors who relish the days of Pétain and want to collaborate with the Jarret/O’bahma socialist puppets…. they see us, they hear us, they understand, why, they care about you.

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