10 worst cities in the US to visit


You’ll be shocked to learn that Detroit is #1.

Their methodology (if there is one) seems highly focused on crime rates. Somehow New Haven CT made the list. The crime in the city is mostly around the public housing projects, which tourists are unlikely to visit.

Chicago gets #5, partly because of the 10.25% sales tax. As a tourist destination, I think the obscene “soak the tourist” taxes on hotel rooms and rental cars is much worse. 15 months ago when I rented a car at O’Hare, it was close to $100 a day. The car I rented in Charlotte was $184 for the entire week.

The hotel tax in Chicago is 16.4%. The cheapest hotels (other than hostel/flophouses) are $100 a night, with $150 being more normal (that’s actually less than I expected – the city appears to have a glut of empty hotels)

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  1. MFlash says:

    I know many of these cities are run by Democrats. Is any of these 10 cities run by Republicans?

    • Art Stone says:

      Good question. It’s not quite so simple to answer as some cities are “run by” the city council and the mayor doesn’t do very much

      Detroit, Oakland, Cleveland, New Haven, Camden, St Louis, Chicago are solidly under Democratic control.

      Reno is a Republican mayor, so is Stockton CA

  2. Parrott says:

    Happy Halloween guys and gals !


  3. Parrott says:

    Hate to see Memphis on the list. Damn good Bar-B-Que ! I didn’t see any crime when I was there a few years back , but they have a lot of cops around Beale street area.
    I noticed that on the list, a common denominator was ‘gang activity’.
    The ‘Po-Po’ don’t like messing with the gangs, cause they shoot back. ‘Five-O ‘ would rather hustle commuters and tourist on the ‘super-slab’. They don’t shoot back and it’s ‘easy money’.
    Well, ol man river & the New Madrid fault will clean up Memphis one of these days.
    Interesting point: I didn’t see Boston Mass. or Morgantown W.VA on the list.
    A lot of ‘couch-burning’ going on there in those two places these days. LOL

    • foyle says:

      Excellent analysis of today’s ‘Community Policing’ policies in the South, Parrott.
      From what I have observed in the past 15 years or so, you have summarized the M.O. of all police departments (aka Po Po’s) in southern cities with populations of 25,000 or more.

      Yet another of the many reasons I so glad to no longer be living in NC!

      • Art Stone says:

        I’ve taken your place!

      • CC1s121LrBGT says:

        Years ago, someone broke into my car at an apartment complex and stole my after market car stereo. I called the police to report it. Reluctantly, they sent someone out. Once the two officers arrived, they seemed annoyed to be there. They fillout out a form after interviewing me and visually inspecting the damaged car.

        Then they were about to leave and I asked them if they were going to dust for finger prints. They laughed. They said they didn’t have the time for that. I never heard from them since.

        The next day, I got the local newspaper and an entire column was a list of people that that department had arrested the day I called for allegedly soliciting an policewoman that was posing as a prostitute.

        I got the lasting impression that they viewed their jobs as one big party and that the taxpayers were just pawns to harass.

        • Art Stone says:

          Not very related… But one of my less good Charlotte experiences – normally I parked my car on the street in the Dilworth section near downtown. It was a 1981(?) Plymouth Horizon – base model, but I paid cash for it $2301.75… For some reason, I parked it in the parking area behind the apartments. Typically, I didn’t even lock the doors. Someone decided to rip the cover off the enclosed area under the hatchback. There was absolutely nothing there to steal. From that point on after I got it fixed, I kept the cover in the position so you could look in and see the only thing to steal might be some windshield washer fluid, and maybe a quart of oil.

          • Parrott says:

            awesome price for a car. Now the FED has deflated our dollar so much, couldn’t touch that car for 18-19k and it wouldn’t have the steel in it that yours had.

    • Art Stone says:

      About all I know of Memphis is from riding the Greyhound Bus in the 1960s. My dad was blind and walked with a cane, along with his wife and 1-3 children. Memphis was a place we went through at night, and were told in no uncertain terms to not go out the door and look around the neighborhood.

      About the only other similar warning was I remember stopping in Birmingham AL right during the tensions of the race riots. Most of the buildings around the bus station had been burned down, and the acrid smell of fires was in the air. It definitely is something you remember.

  4. briand75 says:

    Cleveland #4 – where I work. In addition to the brutal winters and poverty, there is also the complete lack of anything visually attractive. If you visit Cleveland, go to the theater district. At the Rock Hall, you will pay $35 to walk through the door. In the Warehouse District, you will pay $65 for a steak. I am not sure what attraction there is outside of theaters.

  5. I don’t think Reno belongs on this list. I spent a few months there last year, and I sort of liked it.

    I mean, don’t get me wrong….it’s completely broke, and there are zero jobs. The reason I didn’t stay longer was that there were just no employment options for me. The weather is crazy, from burning hot to freezing cold without warning, and always windy. It’s subject to bad flooding as well, and the air is pretty thin. It’s also very white trash, and you won’t have any trouble finding grown men in wife-beaters with neck tattoos. But it’s honest. It’s not at all like Vegas, even if it has every right to want to be. ..and the people stay a long time. Folks are gruff but not completely unfriendly. It’s not a bad place, at least not as bad as the other towns on this list.

    It’s also a great place to find meth, if you’re into that. And apartments are cheap as hell.

  6. Art Stone says:

    Looking over the list, it’s hard to avoid the conclusion that they think bad = “too many black people”. Stockton CA seems to be the one outlier

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