Zombie Media

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  1. Nidster says:

    Of course no opinions were changed, but the number one point to ponder and think about is:

    The vast majority of humans, who were violently killed, a truly staggering number, were killed by governments, kingdoms or what have you, not by lone crazed gunmen.

    Number two idea to ponder on: Are America firearm owners a target in the crosshairs of a One World Government?

    Are you ready?

    • Art Stone says:

      The British Empire has a long history of colonization of populations where their military had the guns and the subjects didn’t – that’s exactly what the raid on the Concord armory was about.

      If there is a rematch, I would put him on the defensive of all the genocides and enslavements committed by the English. It isn’t just Communists who do this. The Opium wars with China are a good starting point.

      As eccentric as Lyndon LaRouche is, he has a point when he says the Queen of England runs an international drug smuggling ring – there is some historical reason to believe it could be true.

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