Southern Hospitality


My neighbor Sam stopped by with this 😉

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  1. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Art and all the Streaming Audio Guide readers!

  2. foyle says:

    Definitely missing NC sweet potatoes! Can’t get decent ones out here in the mountain west.
    Enjoyed lots of delicious mashed potatoes, turkey, gravy, and dressing to make up for it.

    Is that squash between the peas and sweet potatoes?

    • Art Stone says:

      I’m not sure exactly what it is – I was hoping you would tell me! It has an eggy taste maybe like grits – but I can’t rule out much of anything.

      I’m not positive, but I think those are pinto beans rather than black eye peas. So much to learn, so little time. I think the cook is Sam’s daughter, who grew up in Mississippi, so this may be even deeper south food 😉

  3. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    Was obviously kidding about the BBQ wars, but here is a story on hospitality in Elkins, I believe it is somewhere near the server:

    • Art Stone says:

      Elkin is up near the Virginia State Line. Good for Walmart. I’m close to “done” with people taking video of third parties and throwing it out in front of the world, usually with context removed. There is a difference between being in a public place and being a public person.

      Elkins with an S is in West Virginia.

      • CC1s121LrBGT says:

        I see. Elkton is in Maryland – the northeast corner near Deleware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. It is very popular this time of year with lots of visitors from Philadelphia.

        Maryland has one of the country’s lowest liquor taxes and Pennsylvania has one of the highest. In Pennsylvania is it illegal to buy liquor from anyone other than the state government, and the state government has high liquor prices and a limited selection (and limited hours).

        So naturally, it makes sense for Philadelphians to drive the half hour to Wilmington for the sales tax-free shopping and then pop over to Elkton to load the trunk with low cost booze for the holidays.

        • Art Stone says:

          I grew up in Pennsylvania – a few years ago I posted a story about the state liquor agency installing an efficient warehouse computer system…. Talk about missing the forest by looking at the trees.

          Just wait until the government saves us money on prescriptions by forcing all drugs to be purchased through the HHS

  4. Art Stone says:

    I ran it by my expert Southern food specialist and she says those are definitely black eye peas, and she concurs the yellow thing is a type of corn thing that might come in many varieties. I now have a second batch of turkey to work through in the fridge. It was a very good day getting some family memories accumulated. The kids are going to go from crawling on the floor to college so fast…

  5. Parrott says:

    Man that food looked good Art! You have good neighbors.
    I have idiots for neighbors. They are ‘toast’ when the Crap hits the fan !
    You are right about the sweet Potato’s, Foyle. I picked up at least a bushel and a half in Walterboro SC last week. Had some this week, real good.

    CC, there is good BBQ in Memphis TN. As soon as I can remember the place
    Elkin, NC use to be a large Broyhill plant there Yadkin Valley Short line runs there.
    Elkton, VA (near Harrisonburg VA) (they make Coors beer in Elkton)
    Elkins, W. VA (Randolph County) Davis & Elkins Colleg or maybe university now. While there always stay at the Elkins Motor Lodge, and eat on site at the 1863 Tavern. Best dam crab cakes west of Baltimore Maryland. Yeah, very surprising.
    Happy Thanksgiving guys, sorry I ‘m late

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