People who followed me a long time know this radio directory used to be embedded in, which I stopped maintaining around 2005 as dial up Internet service was fading fast.

The FindAnISP database had a state added to it called FindAnISPlandia, which I believe shares a border with the kingdom of Freedonia. I don’t even remember why I needed the placeholder for places that had no state, but it has an interesting side effect. Go to your favorite search engine and search for Findanisplandia and see all the folks who don’t understand copyright law šŸ˜‰

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  1. Art Stone says:

    A little “behind the scenes” web stuff. When you click on a streaM icon, if you have tracking enabled, the click bounces off a redirect page that counts the listen attempt. The actual URL of the player is nowhere on the web page – so if an enterprising person copies the web page (which is stupid to begin with since all the pages constantly change), the listen links won’t work on the copy, because the sham web site doesn’t have the database. If they are smart enough to realize they have to bounce off my real redirect pages, they’ll immediately be visible in my web logs. If they don’t pull down the pages they’ve stolen, I just redirect visitors to a page saying the web site they were looking at is bogus and what a horrible person must be that runs it.

    • Nidster says:

      A few years ago when you were going to shutdown the site I copied a few of the pages for Rush, Miller and a couple others. I used it for a year or so thinking your site was inactive. Imagine my surprise, a happy one, when I clicked on the bookmark to the streamingradioguide page and it was up and running! Can not remember the name of your old blog, but I remember all the good info you posted.

      • Art Stone says:

        Just look in the lower right on this page – “prior blogs”. Months and months of entertainment.

        I’ve handed out lots of rope for when/if someone wants to hang me.

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