Angelo Henderson dead at age 51

Angelo worked at WCHB-AM in Detroit, the “black talk” radio station owned by Radio One. He was on the same station as the better known Mildred Gaddis, who we’ve discussed a few times.

His show was in the database and gives a little sense of what he talked about

WesternMA listened to one of his last shows. He was a former reporter for the Detroit News and learned radio as he went, like not saying “you know” every three seconds, you know? 😉 He was also a minister and active trying to save Detroit from the criminal thugs. He fell on the snow In January and had surgery to repair the damage, but apparently never recovered.

On a related note, 3Tooz (one of the people who logged this show) was a very active user here. He’s one of a very short list of visitors that I’ve actually talked to on the phone or met in person. I’m kind of shy. 3Tooz drove a truck and was retired in California. He was not in good health. I haven’t heard from him in a very long time. I’m afraid to check up on him. I ‘m not sure I can handle the truth.

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  1. Art Stone says:

    Mildred is moving to afternoons and the station is picking up syndicated Tom Joyner for morning drive

  2. haiti222 says:

    His shows almost always had a reading of the full details of many of the crimes in Detroit that no-one else cared about, with a cry for people to report anything they knew. He also had most of the major political figures on, and strongly, but nicely questioned them. He had a Pulitzer from his reporting from the Wall Street Journal. The story that won was about a botched robbery in a Northwest Detroit drug store, where a pharmacist was hanging on there, and hoping to retire, as the neighborhood changed around him, That drugstore hung on another decade after this story, but is now just another party store with a liquor license, but no pharmacy license. It is in a somewhat revitalized block where the Redford Theater is a popular non-profit house that shows old films. The Motor City Blight Busters have restored a semblance of a business community to Old Redford. The story is here:

  3. WesternMA says:

    You’re right, Art…we haven’t heard from 3Tooz in quite some time. I really didn’t know much about him, but he was a frequent poster here.
    Do you know how long it has been since his last post?
    Here’s hoping he’s OK.

    • Art Stone says:

      The last time he visited the web site and was logged in was about two years ago. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t visit without being logged in. My memory is a bit fuzzy – I think he lives somewhere up near Bakersfield. He and I compared notes when I had my health issues in 2009. My memory is he was having heart problems and was in the spiral of “take this med” and when that causes new problems, take another pill. When that causes yet more problems, just keep adding more pills until your entire day centers on taking the next pill. He was a teamster so he had lots of health “care”. I have this crazy opinion that health insurance can be hazardous to your health, especially when the providers see big potential revenue. A doctor might tell a 13 year girl that she really needs her tonsils out to stop sleep apnea. Barack Obama’s assertion about overtreatment motivated by revenue is not totally unfounded.

      • CC1s121LrBGT says:

        I worked for some of these heathcare insurance companies. Interestingly the for profit ones generally offer plans at a lower cost than the nonprofit Blues.

        The do a good job in keeping costs down and eliminating unnecessary tests and encouraging generic drugs.

        Even simple things like lab tests. In the old days, doctors would like to do the tests and send the samples to their friends and business associated to do at a high price. The insurance companies contracted with national providers that provide a lower cost and eliminate the buddy system.

        I’d rather get an opinion from an independent third party than from one of the doctor’s buddies…. it is like getting into a car wreck and having the police consider spouse of the other driver an independent witness… doesn’t work that way.

        Is the US healtcare system broken? Absolutely. Just saying that having one party interested in reducing costs is better than having only one with the objective of increasing revenue.

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