“Conservative” radio roll call on Crimea

We’re a few days now into the issue in Crimea and Ukraine. I haven’t been able to listen to every show, so help me fill in the list of who says what – in order of SRGuide “popularity”

Rush LimbaughI told you so. Putin is going to bring back the Soviet Union
Glenn BeckOpposes military involvement, apologizes to Ukraine for failing to protect them
Michael SavageSolidly anti-intervention
John McCain is behind a lot of this
Ronald Reagan is dead
Laura Ingraham
Dennis Miller
Mark LevinObama is an idiot who hates Israel
Mark's ancestors were from Ukraine
Sean HannityThe battle is lost because Obama is weak and Hagel is destroying the military
George Noory
Bill Bennett
Michael Medved
Dennis PragerGuest host this week
Red Eye Radio
Alex JonesAlex is out - guest host (Dave Knight) says the US is playing a dangerous game
Hugh Hewitt
John BatchelorWhatever APAC wants

(Work in progress)

And for completeness and maybe more interesting, the Obama peanut gallery

Stephanie Miller
Ed SchultzPutin wants the Soviet Union back and is in for the long haul
We're weak because of the Republicans And they should shut up
Randi RhodesRepublicans think the enemy of my enemy is my friend
The Russians don't belong in Ukraine
Putin is a bully
Bill Press
Thom Hartmann
Alan ColmesDiscussing the race baiter Rush Limbaugh
Mike MalloyJohn Kerry is an arrogant pretentious liar
Norm GoldmanEurope should stop buying natural gas from Russia, let's trade Texas for Ukraine
Leslie MarshallThe Republican with the cocaine problem should resign (November 2013 show)
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9 Responses to “Conservative” radio roll call on Crimea

  1. Art Stone says:

    Might be the first time I’ve agreed with Mike Malloy

  2. briand75 says:

    Bill Bennett – hard to tell as he is so fond of debate and discourse. I think he is saying “If you pledge support, you do it.” Which I take to mean using all diplomatic means available, but not any military ones. Putin is a hard liner throwback.

  3. Nidster says:

    My time has been limited, and I have only listened to a few snippets of Rush and Dana Loesch. That said, I would betcha a dime to a dollar that the vast majority of those listed above, including el-Rushbo, have not come to grips with is the reality that Putin is NOT a communist! All Putin is doing is putting together, along with China, a coalition of nations who will be able to conduct trade among themselves without using the FRN, British pound, etc….. In other words, the Western Bankers will either be allocated to a shrinking share of the world’s resources and of course their iron grip on the world’s flow of ‘money’.

    The really big question is, “What will Germany do?” Has Germany been on the sidelines in the Ukraine/Crimea spate? Wonder, why?

    • Art Stone says:

      I remember a few years ago, Germany was warming up to Russia as a hedge against the EU falling apart. The only thing I’ve read is Merkel is active in trying to mediate the dispute.

      • Nidster says:

        Well if the physicist turned politician is helping to mediate the dispute it would make sense to act as a power broker between the current East vs. West dispute. I read somewhere that Germany has a huge trade with China.

  4. haiti222 says:

    I read that Merkel had said she won’t kick Russia out of the G-8 for this.

  5. Art Stone says:

    This is unrelated old news, but Michael Savage is only doing two hour shows. At the end of the second hour, he announced he was done for the day. I think the third hour was just a repeat of the first hour.

    If true, that might work to his benefit eventually. Many stations on Eastern Time would like the 5 PM hour to do a local news show. Right now, mostly it is Cumulus carrying the show live, and his old affiliates carrying the show 9 PM – Midnight. Turning your afternoon drive time to a potential loose cannon is a risky proposition

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