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Following in the Footsteps of National Socialism

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Stock Trades were meant to be free?

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Pumpkins and Beer

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While you were distracted

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Septa is not just about public transit

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How Stupid is Joe Walsh?

He says he doesn’t know why Salem Radio fired him from his syndicated radio show the day he announced he is a candidate for President. Setting aside the issue of running against Donald Trump in the Republican primary, you … Continue reading

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Podcasting explains why Amtrak is so bad

I came up with this comparison while engaged in a discussion about India railways on YouTube. India railways employees 1.4 million people, making it one of the largest non-military employers of the world. Because India railways is operated essentially to … Continue reading

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What makes music popular?

Is it the quality of the music? The opinions of the people listening? Probably not. It adds a detail that might explain why there are so many country music stations in a genre which maybe isn’t that popular.

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Improved All FCC Licenses Query

This is an old, but very powerful, search tool that is only slightly related to radio. The FCC makes available a database of every fixed location transmitter license (including broadcast licenses, excluding federal agencies, of course). Access to this search … Continue reading

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Julyin' to yourself

August is already upon us

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