The Future

It should be apparent to everybody that I have lost 99% of my interest in radio, and this website is sitting here only to transition to something else.

This is still very much a work in progress, and no guarantee it will ever amount to anything, but with the sudden interest in the breakdown of the supply chain, I’m accumulating and documenting my knowledge about the shipping business.

If the page appears to be empty, change the orientation of your mobile device to be horizontal.  The section on the Port of Los Angeles is the most complete and probably of the most interest currently.


Port of Los Angeles

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3 Responses to The Future

  1. prboylan says:

    Hi Fred, welcome back!
    I’ve read where one of the key problems with the California ports is self-inflicted. The state came out with new diesel exhaust regulations under which only the newest (cleanest) trucks are allowed to operate in the state. There aren’t enough of those trucks for normal interstate shipments, so they’re having to use the small fleet of new trucks to transport goods from the Pacific docks to the eastern California border. Then they load the goods on conventional trucks for shipment to the rest of the country. What a Charlie Foxtrot…

  2. RebelSansClue says:

    Glad you’re still here, Fred. I’ve enjoyed this site for who knows how long. Just wouldn’t be the interwebs without it.

  3. Parrott says:

    yeah cool site as usual. With work I don’t get to visit as much , that’s my fault.
    I agree with Fred, the talk radio landscape is barren. Those guys that took over for Limbaugh are not that good. I don’t listen to .
    Hannity is bought off corporate media or paid opposition. I don’t listen to at all anymore.
    Alex Jones is owned by mossad. He fired David knight and he was the adult there at infowars. All jones does now is name drop ‘Joe rogan’ “I’m friends with joe rogan” “did you know I’m friend with Joe rogan?”
    ” I know Joe rogan” blah blah blah.
    I listen to Chris Plante in the morning.
    Glenn Beck is trying to gain relevance, but he was threatened a while back and has never recovered.
    I listen to a little Dennis Prager, every now and then, not consistent.

    I have went to listening to Global Star Network , satellite, VLC helps me do that.
    Haggman has been kind of lame since his son, Joe Haggman died , but I listen to him on Tuesday nights for an hour to hear Stan Deyo
    The best Global star show has right now in my opinion is Ted and Austin show by ‘Healthmasters’, its hard core news and they do have some Christianity mixed in the show sometimes. They attack everything globalist and establishment and corporate media.
    Live at 10am repeat at 3pm and 10pm everyday. Global star three, one hour and they give a lot news in one hour, more than Limbaugh could barely get in three hours !
    No commercials. These guys expose, Eyes wide Shut stuff ! They don’t like red 40 or Aspartame either. They do like Paul Craig Roberts.
    There is nothing on terrestrial radio anymore.
    John B Wells show comes on a handful of stations at 10 pm eastern to midnight live so I listen to him. Every one should give him a try.
    He is not the ‘Spaceman’ from Toronto but he isn’t bad. Nothing contradicting from him so far.
    Someone else I recommend that is not sold out. He is not on Global star , is Greg Hunter at watchman dot org He is a good guy. I think he is in Kernersville or super close to Greensboro. Economic new and interviews. Check him out.
    Lastly I recommend ‘The Hawk’, He’s old school, not for everyone. But on Thursday and Friday nights at 7pm eastern, for like 18 years, he has been on Global star five giving news and advice for when the ‘balloon goes up’ . If you are into end of world, this is a show for you. He is the original cold war warrior.
    I have been visiting Fred’s site since I started working from home 2007.
    for what its worth, Best wishes everyone

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