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Importing jobs from Mexico

Charlotte may reverse its position that it only wants to grant tax breaks to companies that will relocate here that pay high wages (> $45k) – they may give Stanley Black & Decker $185k to move production from Mexico to … Continue reading

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Wow, that’s harsh

$50 fine if you don’t exercise your dog!

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Hostess is History The bankruptcy judge approved the sales – there were no last minute surprises: The Pabst Beer people get the Hostess snack food brands (twinkies, hohos…) Grupo Bimbo gets the Beefsteak Bread brands Little Debbie’s gets the Drake snack brand … Continue reading

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Quiznos Subs may file Chapter 11 There was one of these about 1 block from me.  I ate there one time. Anyone have any Quiznos stories?   I have some opinions, but don’t want to telegraph them 🙂 Dive Dive Dive!

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