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The Starting Point, not the talking area

The war between Google and Facebook

Facebook’s Open Graph is something I only investigated in the past few days. It has the potential to undermine Google Search’s dominance or if they combine forces allow the web to de facto become Facebook. This is how it works … Continue reading

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Getting involved

Someone has pointed out – and they’re right – that I haven’t been clear enough about what I need and how people can be helpful.   I don’t need money – since all of this web site and most of the … Continue reading

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Category Dropdown

The most important thing on this page is the Category selection widget – unless you enjoy random topics, in which case ignore it 🙂  ========>

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Welcome to Atlantis :)

This blog is not visible outside of this “secret” web site. If you aren’t aware, in the book Atlas Shrugged, Atlantis is the secret place where John Galt and the people he has convinced to join him are living and planning … Continue reading

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