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The Return of Radio Disney

Back at the height of the radio bidding wars in the 1990s, Disney made an ill advised decision. ¬† ¬†They decided to buy up AM stations in major markets to carry their bubble gum pre teen music, written by soulless … Continue reading

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Behold the Talk Radio “Metro” station Behold K283CC – started this week in Des Moines, Iowa, operated by Saga Communications, which has been very aggressive in creating “metro” FM translators. Few people listen to the sub channels on digital HD radio (HD2/3/4), but by saying … Continue reading

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Delilah 24/7

In the process of reconciling the HDRadio list, most so far are call sign changes where the same station is listed both under the old and new call signs, resulting in double counting. This is the same problem that slips … Continue reading

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The HDx fed FM translator “problem”

Part of the reason for the flurry of HDRadio posts is the issue of FM translators (FX) being “fed” by HD 2/3/4 channels, to essentially carve out a brand new FM radio station that doesn’t even count against the BigRadio™ … Continue reading

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