Georestricting is here!

This is starting to show up more and more, and yet another reason to abandon player links here.

Modern browsers have added in the ability of the web site to ask you your GPS coordinates. I use this feature in the “What’s near me”, since that’s pretty much the only way I can answer the question 🙂 – although if you are not location enabled, I’ll let you type in the name of a city (not necessarily where you are)

Find Me (Same link as above)

If you’re using a device like a cell phone or iPad that knows where it is, it will fill in the GPS coordinates for you – but only tell them to my web service if you consent to the action. I could eliminate one step in that process and just use the address after you say “I agree”, but I add in an extra “submit” just to make the point that you’re telling me within a few feet of exactly where you are.

If you’re using a desktop or other device that doesn’t directly support location awareness, your web browser will guess where you are based on your IP address (Firefox uses Google Location Services, which you probably don’t know exists). Over time, this is getting more and more accurate as we keep volunteering information on web sites and aggregators of information (See: Homeland Security) are funded to cross reference commercial databases.

So some radio stations don’t want you listening to their stream unless you’re in their local listening area. Technically, that’s the way music royalty licensing is supposed to work – radio streaming is only supposed to happen in the broadcast area where the radio station has a license – but up until now, nobody has enforced that rule.

Here is an example station

Note that if you say “Yes”, I think you’re giving Liquid Compass permission for ANY radio station you visit in the future. HTML5 apparently will make geolocation even more “built in” to your browser.

Pull on the tin foil hat – the signal reaching your brain from HAARP is fading and needs amplification.

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