Is Citi the next Lehman Brothers?

Citi is now in trouble with the Feds for several reasons – far flung overseas operations with lax audit controls and allegations of facilitating money laundering.

Can the concept of “Civil Forteiture” be applied to a bank and the government just seize all the deposits if the bank is involved in laundering proceeeds of criminal activity?

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  1. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    “In this context, the sprawling empire known as Bloomberg LP is the Juarez Cartel of bubble finance” <— say it ain't so and pass me my large sugary drink so long as it is sold by a major national corporation, ex-mayor mike.

    above quote from:

    • Art Stone says:

      Bloomberg et al are really the symptom. The problem is money isn’t real and demand for stock has no connection to what the business earns. We have fake money buying fake stocks – it’s hard to report that accurately.

      • CC1s121LrBGT says:

        It’s the ultimate tool of the “haves” to suppress the “have-nots”. Pass a law so that you can appoint people to print as much money (not wealth) as needed to stay a “have”. The money printing goes to those that already own most of the assets and dilutes the earning/buying power of the people that do not get the newly printed money. In return, you buy off the impoverished with money from the middle class.

  2. Landmark95 says:

    When Big Brother gets smart, he’ll force all of the foreign press to mandate subscriptions, which the vast majority of Yanks won’t pay for. Because it seems in this day and age, the only way to find out what is happening in the states – is to read the foreign press.

  3. Art Stone says:

    When I use the above link, it wants me to subscribe to see the article. If you go to it from Drudge Report, then you can read it. What a tease 🙂

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