The War on CH4

Friday, the President and his czars declared war on Methane (CH4), one of the most basic building blocks of carbon based life. The stated reason is that methane is a “potent greenhouse gas” – more than carbon dioxide. However, methan is not CO2. It reacts with ultraviolet light in the atmosphere and ceases to exist. Methane levels in the atmosphere are essentially unchanged at about 1 part per million.

This is really an attack on three things – firstly the fracking business. The primary component of “natural” gas is methane. Without the skunk like chemical added to methane, the gas is odorless. It could be in your well water and you would never know – unless you try to ignite it (while an antifracking propoganda film is being produced). One example that was cited is that oil and gas companies flare off methane if there is no way to economically capture it. Flaring methane converts it into CO2 and water vapor and hence in’t methane.. Give oil frackers eminent domain powers to build methan ecollection networks – if that is your objection.

The second target is meat production. The left is obsessed with the “inefficiency” of using meat for food. Meat is what advanced human civilization. If you want to see what a mostly meatless society smells like, visit India. A vegetarian diet just moves the location where the methane is produced.

The third target – the consequence of the first two- – is human life. The progressives, like all great thinkers since the beginning of human civilization – are convinced the human population has exceeded the ability of the earth to keep up, therefore a large portion of the population of the world needs to be eliminated – voluntarily at first, but with force if that doesn’t work.

The fallacy here is that humans find ways to do things better. If we didn’t have refrigeration, fertilizer, pesticides, efficient transportation, Aquaculture, sewage treatment plants, hybrid seeds, mechanized harvesting equipment… Well then maybe we would have problems. But we do and will continue to invent new things in the future.

As China is adopting Western agriculture techniques, China became a net food exporter (and India), and hundreds of millions of peasants who had grown rice by hand have been freed up to make iPads and folding camping chairs at Dick’s Sporting Goods. Why do progressives want to be reactionary and turn back the clock on human progress?

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8 Responses to The War on CH4

  1. Nidster says:

    “Methane (CH4), is one of the most basic building blocks of carbon based life, such as HUMAN life.”

    Was it not just a couple of years prior to this that the fact HUMANS exhale CO2 was found to be a pollutant?

  2. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    Crazy war – the CH4 video streams are blocked from US IP addresses

  3. briand75 says:

    Progressives are not. I always get a whiff of insanity around Progressives. If you would like to see one, please watch and Progressive commercial with Flo. Check out the eyes, check out the message – especially the “snooping device”. It isn’t called Progressive for no reason.

    • Art Stone says:

      I’m finding that many commercials lately make no sense. I’m open to the possibility I’m going senile, but I don’t think so… Just like the “college humor” YouTube videos don’t seem funny or even insightful. It’s not like there are cultural references I’m missing. It seems to be stuff produced by the self esteem generation and nobody is willing to tell them their poop is poop.

      • briand75 says:

        I am with you, Art. I remember when Saturday Night Live was funny – you might actually laugh. Now – not so much. Perhaps I am also senile.

        • CC1s121LrBGT says:

          Come on guys, give yourselves a break! We are just at a different stage of life now.

          Regarding poop – poop jokes and fart jokes are as funny as they have ever been … both to 15 year olds and to 50 year olds. The difference is that most 15 year olds find them very funny and always have… most 50 year olds don’t and never have (except when they were much younger).

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