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Mother Gaia is wobbling on her axis and the end could happen just any minute now – Don’t panic!

President Trump to release JFK files

NY Times coverage The “deep state” is likely very unhappy about this development. Fifty-four years is enough time to shield Camelot from public scrutiny. We need to know if Oliver Stone got the facts right. The baby boomers deserve to … Continue reading

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SimState: the end of property rights

SimCity is a video game that goes back to 1989 that appears to have become the primary influence on urban planners. In the game, you start with empty land, and you control the development of the growth of the city … Continue reading

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Is Donald Trump riding the “9/11 thruther” train?

With the law passed by the Republican Congress to allow the 9/11 complicity lawsuit against the Saudi government, evidence is piling up of direct Saudi government involvement in 9/11 The NY Post carries a report detailing evidence gathered by the … Continue reading

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Chicken and egg

Which comes first – do Democrats cause city governments to fail, or do cities fail and then elect Democrats?

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Putin on North Korea From his words, it is pretty clear Putin will be protecting North Korea, starting with blocking UN actions.

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The other war in the Middle East

Following Donald Trump’s speech about Afghanistan, I mentioned to Mrs. Stiening that we haven’t heard much about Yemen recently. Now we have. The US backed Saudi effort to destroy resistance to Saudi interference in Yemen is two years old now. … Continue reading

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Pay to not play

The Washington Post suddenly discovered this issue because they think they can tie Stephen Bannon to it For several years, I played an online game called Runescape. Between the gold farmers and the efforts to stop the gold farmers, … Continue reading

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Joe Rago is dead

NY Times Joe Rago was a very smart editorial writer for the Wall Street Journal. He was a fierce critic of Obamacare and a frequent guest on the John Batchelor show. He was found dead in his apartment when he … Continue reading

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It is Made in America day

Cheerwine Cola was invited to the White House

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Trump has a new bulldog

Radio and TV host and Constitutional lawyer Jay Sekulow has joined President Trump’s personal legal team. He made the rounds over the weekend on the TV shows. Jay Sekulow became known for working with Pat Robertson, who created the American … Continue reading

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