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A while back I wrote a blurb about how blocks of IPv4 address spaces are becoming a valuable commodity

The “class A” network for 137.*.*.* was originally allocated to the 754th Electronic Systems Group, which is located at an Air Force Base in Montgomery Alabama in charge of pretty much everything the Air Force does with computers.

I mentioned in passing a spike in hacking attempts following Heartbleed. One of the symptoms is signups for accounts with random strings of letters@hotmail that bounce because Hotmail has already blocked their account.

The same group also controls Keep in mind the US military has an entirely separate Internet called Milnet that is isolated from the public Internet

As it turns out, two different non-human intruders from China are living inside “reassigned” IP blocks that were previously controlled by the USAF. That very likely opens holes in firewalls where people just said “if the IP address starts with 137. let them right in – it’s the US Military – you can trust them!

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    • CC1s121LrBGT says:

      “In another document unearthed by “Anonymous,” one of HBGary’s employees also mentioned gaming geolocation services to make it appear as though selected fake persons were at actual events.

      “There are a variety of social media tricks we can use to add a level of realness to all fictitious personas,” it said.”

      With all these cyber people, I see a new role for the census bureau to expand and staff up. All the possible new jobs in the census bureau and Paul Krugman and the Keynsians would be in XTC. lol

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