The Invaders

It could not be more “in your face”.

WWRL-AM is a radio station in the Harlem section of New York City. It was one of the “Black” radio stations in New York.

The owner is actually not a native – he’s from the Caribbean (do we owe him reparations?). He took the bait and carried Air America and then the Post-AA Progressive talk. At one point, Conservative Steve Malzberg co-hosted a morning show on WWRL – its name was something like “Race Bait the Conservative Jew” or something.

At the end of last year, WWRL announced that the “Black” radio station in Harlem would be picking up Spanish Language music. The full web site is now in place. The station wasn’t sold, probably just leased (LMA)

La Invasora means “The Invader” (female) in English.

While there would be consequences, Republicans might consider that the way to break the Democratic party death grip on Black Americans is to stir up anti-Hispanic resentment in the Black Communisty, it seems very unlikely they will do that.

I stumbled on another news story from last summer that the Univision TV station in New York had won the ratings period for the 11 pm newscast and prime time (without regard to language)

So enroll today in your Spanish as a second language course, because if you don’t understand Spanish now, you soon won’t be able to survive in the United States.

For your entertainment: P&G is Procter and Gamble, and Ariel is a laundry detergent

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