KFWB-AM in Los Angeles to drop news/talk

KFWB-AM is basically a CBS station but because of the TV/Radio cross ownership rules has to be held in an arm’s length trust.

KFWB for the past couple years has been “almost all news” station. They started out being all news, but then backed away outside of the morning and afternoon drive time. It’s a very weak schedule and almost nobody in Los Angeles speaks English anymore.

For the spring radio ratings, KFWB had a 0.2% share. Art’s rule of thumb from watching stations come and go for 10 years – is when your ratings fall below a 1.0% share, you are an unviable radio station if you depend on advertising revenue.

So what surprising format will replace the almost all-news format? Now this is going to be a surprising new format – CBSSports radio along with Jim Rome. America does love its sports – I might have to learn more about this topic.

In an only slightly related news story, the Fox media empire has decided to crush the ESPN based sports network in New England based in Boston’s WEEI. A regional sports talk host had the audacity to suggest that one of Fox Sports female on air employees is unqualified to do her job. Apparently Entercom doesn’t know that Fox has the ability to Incite wars that kill hundreds of thousands of people and murder country’s leaders – so they are going suddenly shrink from using their power. ESPN might have WMD’s in the basement with Redskin painted on them. This sports terrorism must stop

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  1. briand75 says:

    Good one – sports terrorism. That Rupert Murdoch – he is so vile and pernicious.

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